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Dr. Mamta Jain: A leader on the landscape of healthcare communications in India


Dr. Mamta Jain: A leader on the landscape of healthcare communications in India

Confident, ambitious, resourceful and aware of her social responsibility, a woman entrepreneur of modern India possesses competency in a wide sphere of endeavors. Reforms initiated by social legislation have offered women the liberty in the society that they deserved and helped them to recognize their true potential. They are shining in all areas and making inevitable contributions to the growth and development of the country. Willing to learn and create something new, women entrepreneurs are embracing with their arms wide open an untapped plethora of business opportunities showered upon the economy due to its globalization. Their strong desire to do something positive and serve people empowers them to realize gaps in various sectors and industries and work towards filling those gaps while employing their skills and knowledge appropriately.  One of these women is Dr. Mamta Jain, who with her deep insight observed the huge gap in the healthcare industry in India brought upon by lack of absolute communication among its all players in the market. She found Medwiz Healthcare Communications Pvt Ltd, an agency dedicated to the mission of communicating the science and value of medicines to the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and ethical practice on a global and regional level. The company offers a distinguished suite of services in Strategic Communications Planning, Publication Planning and Medical Writing, Meetings Management, Clinical and Scientific Liaison, Market research& Intelligence, Health outcomes of a product, technology services and educational materials on a product.  Incepted in 2005, the company has been recognized as a center of excellence in medical communications. As Dr. Mamta Jain puts it, “Medwiz holds a prominent place across the Industry as we ensure unmatched and quality medico marketing services from ideation to execution in India & global markets as well with wide spread collaborations to name Wolters Kluwer, Lippincott Academy of Clinical Excellence (LACE), EBIX USA (A.D.A.M) and many Global Centers of Excellence.”

Dr. Mamta came across the idea of setting up this organization while she was working as a medical practitioner. She observed the pharmaceutical companies could not reach the appropriate tools to market their products and used marketing collaterals for the same purpose which usually ended up finding their way into trash. During a brief sabbatical, her interaction with these pharmaceutical companies helped her realize the gap in offering credible marketing solutions to physicians. Speaking about how the company was formed, Dr. Mamata Jain says, “I sensed the need of providing unique value based services catering to the needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers and patients and this encouraged me to set up a healthcare communication agency that would meet the needs of healthcare industry through scientific acumen, excellence in delivery and dedicated service.”

Dr. Mamta’s vision and ambition gave her the determination and the energy to build the organization from the scratch. Today, her commitment to her mission of helping her clients along their journey with deep transparency, honesty, and trust has empowered her to serve emerging start-ups to global giants in India and abroad including reputed names clients range from such as Abbott, Sun Pharma, Alembic, Alkem, Cipla, Emcure, Bard, Karl Stroz, Lupin, Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Mega Life sciences, Piramal, Johnson & Johnson and many more. Speaking about the most effective marketing initiatives she has used, Dr. Mamta says, “We always been referred by our clients to others customers because of our good work.  So, Customer satisfaction has been the pillar of Medwiz’s growth. Our constant innovations enable us to adapt to changing market demands and revamp our services as per evolving market scenario.”

The CEO Magazine chats with Dr. Mamta Jain, Managing Director, Medwiz Healthcare Communications

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Dr. Mamta Jain: It was a tough time to begin. I was new to industry and didn’t have any friends or connections in the industry. Moreover, I had little idea on how Pharma worked. However, this also motivated me to learn. Even today every conversation with my clients is a learning experience and they have taught me a lot by sharing their problems and their concerns about their brands. Today, Medwiz has successfully spread its presence and operations in Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore with a team to represent the respective markets.

TCM: How do you build a successful customer base for the company?

Dr. Mamta Jain: I feel proud to say that Medwiz possesses expertise in every aspect of its functioning. I don’t believe in promoting or marketing to build a successful customer base for the company. Rather, I believe in possessing the ability to provide competitively priced innovative and valuable solutions that satisfy customers to stay ahead of the curve. My competitors always inspire me to perform better. I leave no stone unturned to ensure that my customers are satisfied with my team’s good work.

TCM: What are the major milestones for Medwiz since founding?

Dr. Mamta Jain: There are some great milestones in this journey; from conceptualizing first hands on workshops and celebrity campaigns to helping organizations create guidelines, we surely have come a long way. Furthermore, we are immensely proud of our contributions to Traumatic Brain Injury guidelines, a multi organization supported initiative.

TCM: Please tell us about your future plans for Medwiz.

Dr. Mamta Jain: I wish to expand Medwiz’s services across the globe in Healthcare Communication, Skill Training, Publishing, Digital Marketing, Clinical Research etc. I want Medwiz to achieve global recognition for providing best services to its clients. We are focused to widen the range of solutions and achieve perfection especially using data analytics to ensure that the gap which exists today between, Pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacists, Physicians, Technology and Patients is narrowed and a synergy between all is seamlessly established in most ethical way.

TCM: What would be your advice to our readers?

Dr. Mamta Jain: The journey of being an entrepreneur is not only rewarding in terms of monetary but also very satisfying as you get to see your ventures grow bit by bit. To achieve success in your endeavors, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit; you know your domain; and you must get your hands dirty as well as challenge yourself constantly to innovate.

 I would like to give three pieces of advice based on my experiences. Firstly, never share your ideas completely with others as most of the times people just take your ideas and present it as their own. Secondly, be firm in your beliefs and never give in to unethical demands of clients.  Lastly, never lose your humility and treat everyone with respect.

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