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Dr. Urvashi Makkar: A leader who inspires academicians to build the nation through value oriented education


Dr. Urvashi Makkar: A leader who inspires academicians to build the nation through value oriented education

The era of globalization has flooded the landscape of Indian economy with bountiful opportunities for women empowering them to assume a variety of roles in myriad disciplines. Smart, confident and talented women of our country are edging past untouched barriers in every field they enter while leaving an indelible mark with their distinguished services. They are making India shine on a global platform.  With the perfect blend of extraordinary brilliance, determination and dedication, some of these women are making groundbreaking strides in unconventional disciplines such as academics.  One of these powerful and inspiring names is Dr. Urvashi Makkar, an accomplished academician who has been making a noteworthy contribution in the field of Research and Consultancy since she started her professional career. Dr. Makkar, a Ph.D., EPHRM-IIM Calcutta, possesses a varied experience of 21 years in academics, research, training & consultancy with a large number of publications in refereed National and International journals. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to learn which makes her stand out of the crowd and shine. She has conducted more than 50 EDPs/MDPs/Workshops and has been associated extensively with Research & Consultancy assignments of reputed companies.

To add more to her list of remarkable achievements, she has also attended various National & International conferences/ seminars, presented research papers & chaired technical sessions at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA, Universities Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia, IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT-Kanpur, IIM-Kozhikode etc. On being asked about her greatest professional achievement till date, Dr. Makkar says, “I have to my credit more than seventy six publications in refereed International/National Journals and have authored ten books. One of my CRM Book with TATA McGraw Hill is the first book in the area of CRM which has been translated in Chinese language and adapted as reference book by China Republic University.” Keeping her journey to contribute in the areas of Research and Consultancy, She has recently successfully completed Certification Course on “Higher Education Leadership Program” from Harvard School of Education, Harvard University, Boston, USA in October, 2016.  Dr. Makkar was accorded as ‘Trainer Associate & Local Coordinator’ for UGC sponsored workshops on Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher Education. She has recently successfully completed Certification Course on “Harvard University Leadership Program” from December 03, 2016 to December 06, 2016 at Harvard University – School of Education, Boston, USA.

Dr. Makkar is currently associated with G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management & Research (GLBIMR) as Director General. As a leader, she has been making phenomenal endeavors to improve Academic Quality & Research Orientation, Building Global Interface, Developing Entrepreneurial Culture, Improving Corporate Linkage and Creating Performance Oriented Work Culture. An excellent orator and an insightful leader, Dr Makkar’s forte is her illustrious academic background, immense subject knowledge, continuous innovative and creative working style and her strong social network. GLBIMR has added innovative practices based on present requirements of the corporate sector, benchmarking against top B-Schools and insights from recent studies on the effectiveness of PGDM programme

Dr. Makkar has received a lot of accolades for her outstanding efforts in Academics & Research. She has recently been conferred with the ‘Leading Women in Education” Award at the Women Leaders in India & Awards 2017 conference. She received the ‘Eminent Director of Leading Institutes of India Award’ by Competition Success Review (CSR) for two consecutive years 2015 & 2016. CEGR (Centre for Education Growth and Research) awarded her with the prestigious ‘Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar’ in 2014. She also received ‘Confederation of Education Excellence Teacher’s Award 2014’ in the Category of Higher Education.

Dr. Makkar believes that Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. To achieve this objective, she thinks it is imperative that only right and deserving people serve this industry. Speaking about her dream as a business lady, Dr. Makkar says, “My dream, aim, passion & mission have always been to improve the quality of education system in our country. Choosing education sector as a profession was never an alternative to me; I had the focus of getting into teaching and mentoring from the beginning. I am glad that I am doing justice to my dreams.” She says that her decision of entering into the profession of academics is the best one she ever made. Her rich experience in the field has given her a strong conviction that the youth of the country can definitely be oriented as the biggest asset of the country; and motivated her to take up the responsibility of contributing towards this national goal. As she puts it, “The current scenario in our society with respect to the young generation needs a lot of introspection with special reference to the biggest challenge of employability of the educated youth. This has driven me to work on the employability enhancement of the students pursuing management education.”

Dr. Makkar believes strongly in 3P’s approach of Pride, Power of Dreams and Perseverance to facilitate development of future corporate leaders. Speaking about her initiatives and the effective strategies that she employed to achieve success, Dr. Makkar says, “I believe education empowers us with the ability to think, and enables us to differentiate right from the wrong. Our country needs youth who are empowered with their wholesome education, and hence the teaching fraternity plays an inevitable role in building our nation. I have dedicated a considerable time of my life towards research so that I can work for the betterment of the education system in India. In my current association with GLBIMR, I focus on the triple dimensional approach in pedagogy based on Academic Excellence, Holistic Development and Corporate Readiness to facilitate development of future corporate leaders. Customizing the curriculum is one initiative which has given us huge success.” She believes that success has to be holistic optimization of an individual’s personal and professional achievements as well as his contribution to Nation Building. As quoted by her, “Being in Education sector I strongly feel that success is doing justice with your student community by imparting quality education and providing best platform and exposure to enhance their corporate readiness.” She attributes her success to her family and says that whatever she has achieved in her life is due to her family’s support.

Dr. Makkar has been making extensive efforts for developing an entrepreneurial culture and global interface in India. She is actively working towards nurturing Indian youth so that they can use their skills for economic development of the nation. She feels that this vision can be achieved by imparting management education to Indian youth so that they can use their skills absolutely and grow as entrepreneurs. Also, she says that there is a need to redefine the management education in terms of employability to develop an entrepreneurship culture in India.

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