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Hemalatha Annamalai: Pioneering Electric Mobility for Rural India


In the realm of electric vehicle innovation dominated by industry giants like Tesla and Apple, Hemalatha Annamalai emerges as a visionary entrepreneur from Coimbatore, India, carving a unique path in electric mobility. As the Founder and CEO of Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd, she leads a pioneering company that is revolutionising commuting in rural India.

Empowering Rural Communities with Sustainable Solutions

Hemalatha’s journey into the electric vehicle sector was driven by a vision to provide affordable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions to the masses. Through Ampere Vehicles, her enterprise manufactures a diverse range of electric vehicles, including cycles, scooters, and load carriers, with a focus on serving rural and small-town markets.

Central to her mission is the empowerment of farmers, shopkeepers, rural traders, and residents of tier 2 and tier 3 towns. She aims to address their transportation needs through sustainable and accessible mobility solutions, all manufactured locally in Coimbatore.

Leading the Transformation in Rural Transportation

Ampere Vehicles has become a beacon of electric mobility in rural India, catering to those often overlooked by traditional transportation solutions. Hemalatha targets demographics such as farmers and rural traders, providing them with reliable and eco-friendly mobility options.

The company’s collaboration with the local government in Coimbatore to introduce electric load carriers for waste management exemplifies its commitment to sustainable development. With hundreds of workers trained to operate these vehicles, Ampere has significantly contributed to a cleaner environment in the region.

Moreover, Hemalatha’s vision extends beyond business success; she seeks to foster a new manufacturing sector and encourage more women to join the industry. With a quarter of Ampere’s workforce being women, she demonstrates a commitment to diversity and gender equality.

The Ampere Range: Accessible and Environmentally Conscious

Ampere Vehicles offers a range of electric mobility solutions tailored to the needs of rural India. Models like the Ampere V 60 scooter, Angel cycle, and Mitra load carrier have made a tangible impact on countless lives. These vehicles boast impressive specifications, including a maximum speed of 16 miles per hour and a range of 25 miles on a full battery charge, all at affordable prices ranging from Rs.31,612.77 to Rs.1,88,844.71.

A Visionary Approach to Electric Mobility

In a time when global concerns about emissions and climate change are at the forefront, Hemalatha Annamalai is driving India’s electric vehicle manufacturing sector forward. Co-founding Ampere in 2009 with her husband, Bala Pachyappa, they left lucrative positions in Singapore to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Bala now serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Inspired by a Japanese electric car, they set out to develop electric bikes accessible to the common man. With substantial investments and support from notable figures like Ratan Tata and Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ampere gained momentum. Hemalatha’s visionary pitch to Ratan Tata led to a significant investment in April 2015.

A Promising Future Ahead

Ampere Vehicles, currently employing 80 individuals and deploying 30,000 electric vehicles, has set ambitious targets for growth. While the company generates annual revenues of approximately $1.5 million, Hemalatha aims to reach $20 million within the next three to four years.

As a serial entrepreneur with an engineering degree and an MBA, Hemalatha remains committed to research and development, with multiple patents filed and registered. Her story serves as an inspirational testament to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship and a vision for a cleaner and more accessible transportation ecosystem for rural India. In a nation increasingly conscious of environmental issues, her work signifies significant progress towards a sustainable future for all.

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