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Jyoti Sudhir’s professional expertise in Human Development & Life Coaching helps her lead her Entrepreneurial ventures effortlessly!!


Jyoti Sudhir’s  professional expertise in Human Development & Life Coaching helps her lead her Entrepreneurial ventures effortlessly!!

it can be easily said that women’s contribution to Indian economy has been astonishing, and they are going from strength to strength in every sphere of life. Women workforce is now a force to reckon with. Over the years their contribution has been increasing – vindicating the hypothesis of leading feminists that Indian women are second to none in the world. The woman in modern times are entering into certain new fields that were unknown to the woman’s sphere of role-sets. These are the woman’s participation in economic, political, and social life.

The CEO Magazine has recognized one of such legend JyotiSudhir, Director & Co-founder of InventIndia Innovations Pvt. Ltd., a global industrial design and development firm. Jyoti has shown her potential as an empowered lady and her contribution in Indian business society has been as inspiration for not only women but men also.

An alumna of the prestigious Lady Irwin College, Delhi University; Jyoti holds a Masters in Human Development. She is also an Internationally Certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach, accredited and recognized by the Certified Coaches Alliances, Canada. With a rich experience of 15+ years in leadership, team and organization transformation, Jyoti has held various academic, corporate & partnership positions. She is currently the Co-chairperson for CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Indian women’s network, Gujarat. Her entrepreneurial endeavors were recognized at the India International Centre with the Women Entrepreneur National Excellence Award 2016. She has impacted 1 million lives directly or indirectly through her trainings/ coaching & as the owner of the Master Franchisee of Image Consulting Business Institute, Ahmedabad. In 2011, she Co founded InventIndia Innovations with her husband.

Invent India’s experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates ideas-to-market for clients. Their expertise helps organizations including several Fortune 500 companies to design new products, interactive experiences and spaces focused on innovation and invention. The company till date has delivered comprehensive Design, Development & Product Commercialisation Services to more than 100+ partners including Reliance,   Godrej, Kohler, Wipro, Havells, Glenmark, Invixium, EasyPay, Kairos Watches, Matrix, E Infochips, BTL, Medtech International, Biomedix, Amico, Cedars Cenai to name a few. 

An exclusive interview of JyotiSudhir

What was your dream as a business lady?

Creating Social Impact, transformation & adding value to people’s lives.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

I have trained more than a million lives through my trainings and coaching directly or indirectly. Being selected as the chairperson to lead CII’s Indian Women Network for Gujarat State was one of the greatest achievements. Being awarded the Women Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2016 at the India India International Center, New Delhi was another delightful moment.

Have you ever failed in your initiatives? What have you learnt from your failures?

Yes, when I became an entrepreneur, I started with the Master Franchisee of a Mumbai based company. The programs were not very successful in the beginning. We sold a no. of franchisees but had to shut down a few and return the franchisee fee as those centers did not do very well.

Learnings – Transparency, Perseverance, Integrity, great work ethic & good business relationships are the key.  Keep innovating and you will be there… Today the ICBI, Ahmedabad centre is flourishing and we have already trained more than 100+ Image Consultants who are all successful entrepreneurs.

What is the best decision you’ve ever made?

Becoming an Entrepreneur & becoming a Mom are two of my best decisions.

What stimulated your ideas to start a new business venture or to bring significant changes in an existing business/at work place?

I always felt limited in all the jobs and wanted to do much more and beyond my profiles. After 10 years of working in Corporate & Academic Institutes, I plunged into Entrepreneurship with a Master Franchisee of a Mumbai based Company – Image Consulting Business Institute. In 2011, my husband SanandanSudhir and I started InventIndiaInnov-ationsPvt. Ltd.  with a mission to put India on the global Innovation map.

How do you define success? What is your take on the ways to achieve long term success?

Success to me is having clear goals, constantly evolving to the next level, hard  work& persistence. It’s a journey and it can never be an end goal!

Take on achieving long term success – Be ruthless in your thought, rational in your actions, compassionate in your relationships, honest to your emotions….Add patience & perseverance, you shall be there!!

Please tell us about your future plans.

I want to be remembered as a thought leader, a coach, mentor & an inspiration to others.

Here is Invent India’s VISION 2020

Vision 2020

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration, I don’t follow any single person but listen to many accomplished thought leaders that include Indira Nooyi, Michelle Obama, Sadhguru, BrendonBurchard.

Whom do you attribute your success to?

I am not yet successful…. as I said Success is a journey and not a destination.

I attribute it to having excellent mentors, Great family support systems, striving to evolve & learn from every experience, not getting into any small power struggles that do not matter at all in the long run…Just chase your goals fiercely & unshaken.

Creating the right support systems & processes is a must! Be unconditionally giving & unconditionally forgiving!

Do you think your personal life is affected by your professional life? How?

My life is as affected as it is for any other man or woman who is working that long hours. I am a role model for my two daughters. Of course, I have to stretch way beyond to achieve & strike a balance as a daughter, mother, and daughter in law, wife & a business woman… We need to wear infinite hats, set the priorities right!

What do you think is the biggest challenge to female leadership?

Females themselves…They set very low goals for themselves. Many women whom I coach are found struggling & dealing with such smaller power issues in their relationships – intrapersonal & interpersonal that they forget to reach their higher self & potential.

Secondly, there are no short cuts to success. Gender does not matter…It is only hard work that will help you reach your goals and earn respect!

Biggest challenge – unfortunately, we have a large section of the male population who want to bring women to the board room because it is a mandatory compliance & for ornamental reasons. This thought process needs to be shaken up & challenged. The fact is that women bring a lot of diversity & value to the board room and the whole world is moving that way…

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