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Farah Nathani Menzies: Nourishing Futures with The Mumum Co.


Farah Nathani Menzies, a devoted mother and entrepreneur, embarked on a transformative journey with her partner Shreya Lamba to revolutionise child nutrition through The Mumum Company. Their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to addressing the scarcity of nutritious snacks for children serve as a beacon of innovation and problem-solving prowess.

Identifying the Need

Farah, like many parents globally, faced the challenge of finding wholesome snacks for her children amidst a market saturated with preservatives and excessive sugar. Determined to provide better options, Farah envisioned a solution that led to the inception of The Mumum Company in 2017, driven by her commitment to improving children’s dietary choices.

Collaborative Vision

Teaming up with Shreya Lamba, another mother sharing the same vision, Farah embarked on a mission to create nutritious and wholesome snacks for children. Their collaboration epitomised the strength of collective effort and the power of shared determination in addressing pressing societal needs.

Navigating Challenges

Launching a new product demands extensive research and understanding of the target audience’s preferences. Farah took charge of ensuring the snack’s taste appealed to children, while Shreya leveraged her network to gather diverse feedback. Through their joint efforts, they honed their product, ensuring it met both nutritional standards and children’s taste expectations.

Product Innovation

The culmination of their efforts yielded “Crunchies,” a puff snack crafted from nutritious ingredients such as jowar, ragi, and corn. This offering is a healthier alternative to traditional snacks. Additionally, they introduced a natural fruit-based drink, further expanding their product line to provide varied and nutritious options for children.

Expansion and Accessibility

Today, The Mumum Company’s products are widely accessible across major Indian cities and online platforms, reaching a broader audience. Their commitment to accessibility underscores their dedication to improving child nutrition on a larger scale.

Empowering Mothers as Entrepreneurs

Farah and Shreya’s journey challenges stereotypes, showcasing that motherhood can coexist with a successful career in entrepreneurship. By embracing motherhood as a source of inspiration, they’ve shattered barriers and established a business that aligns with their roles as mothers while making a significant impact on child nutrition.


Farah Nathani Menzies and Shreya Lamba’s entrepreneurial journey with The Mumum Co. exemplifies the potential of women in entrepreneurship. Their success story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and mothers globally, emphasising the importance of innovation, perseverance, and a commitment to positive change. Through their dedication, they’ve not only transformed children’s nutrition but also empowered mothers to pursue their passions without compromise.

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