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“Give your best and you will get back what is best for you”, says Mansi Malkoti –COO at Cloudway Consulting


“Give your best and you will get back what is best for you”, says Mansi Malkoti –COO at Cloudway Consulting

Every woman leader has a success story. Though each of them chronicles a different tale, what may not surprise us is that all of these leading ladies leave us inspired and swayed at the end by certain attributes of their personality; which turn out to be common and bespeak of how they achieved sovereignty. We revere them for their profound success that stems from their creativity; their ability to envisage a better world; their dedication to their goal and the will to achieve what they’re passionate about; their diligence, confidence, dynamism and enthusiasm. The best thing about them is that they follow their heart.

In this celebration of rejoicing the success of esteemed woman leaders, who have been writing our nation’s growth story with their laudable success, The CEO Magazine welcomes Mansi Malkoti –COO of Cloudway Consulting, the global leader in operational, procurement & E-sourcing consulting. An epitome of powerful business woman, Mansi takes the credit of establishing a blue-chip player in the global panorama of SAP consulting. Cloudway has been thriving as one of the top SAP consulting partner for cloud solution since last Seven years all over the globe.

Incorporated in 2010, Cloudway today stands as the leading and the most trusted partner for innovative and value addition services to re-imagine the business. Cloudway outshines as the consecutive four years winner for Best Partner of SAP for Cloud Solutions.Cloudway through its proven quality services and efficacious consulting has provided transparency to every industry vertical which helps them to focus on their core business values. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Mansi speaks about what enables the company to stand out as a strategic leader in providing the best Business Management Consulting Services – “As an organization, our focus constantly remains on excellence in consulting services with an eye to bring business management solutions to leverage the complete visibility on the Business operations in cost effective fashion.Our extraordinary team is our biggest strength. It brings together expert and accomplished professionals with high knowledge base and passion to deliver excellence for every project they handle.The testimony to their technical proficiency is the patents they hold in technology and digital transformations for various enterprises. Cloudway has expert capability to understand and convert business requirements to smart solutions which lowers total cost of ownership, they make strategic difference to client’s business process. Cloudway with profound knowledge and years of experiencehelps to attain highest degree of adaptability to specific client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in its domain of expertise.”

Mansi was never a born entrepreneur or maybe she was; she just didn’t realize it until she reached a critical point in her career when she felt the deepest corner of her heart pushing her to start something of her own. “Having worked for nearly eight years across diverse organizations, I really wanted to do something of my own. I thought when getting into business is not a big task; why delivering that would be. Whatever I learnt and achieved in all these years helped me gather the courage to stick to my calling”, she says. Mansi’s entrepreneurial journey began with the vision of building an organization that would dedicate its services to fetch maximum value for businesses in the era when Indian business landscape was evolving high. She grounded her organization on the key values of honesty, integrity, transparency, team work and excellence. Quoting her, the policy that guided her journey was, “Give your best you will get back what is best for you; you have to be patient though.”

Cloudway’s beginning as a small startup to its establishment as a leading presence across the world – the eight year long journey has not been a cakewalk for Mansi. Yes, it’s true that the journey has been monumental having hit several milestones and adding feathers to the cap consistently. However, it had its share of failures too. What makes it more remarkable is that every failure was a stepping stone to success for Mansi. To her failures were the result of her experimentation; and each of them entailed some learning. She adds, “I truly feel that’s how we learn and step next with all required measures along with plan B which is always more validated to bring about success. Every failure is a silver lining for success.”

She thinks dedication towards aim and intent to achieve it with patience are the key to success and its viability for long term. Expounding her views about business success, Mansi shares, “Success is always better when comes slow. Business is all about highs and lows. To succeed requires setting the right target and keep an uncompromised focus on achieving it. What I personally believe, the ultimate satisfaction and contentment that you feel after putting the best of your efforts is success in true sense of terms.” At a time, when globalized business environments have shattered the glass ceilings, the proverb – ‘behind every successful woman is a man’ goes absolutely true. Mansi wholeheartedly owes her success to her husband; Mr. Amit Malkoti, who has been, quoting her, “my backbone, my best critic and my best friend. I cannot even think of success, happiness and joy without him.” She also owes a share of her success to Mr. Naveen Suri, who has been a great support to her as a business partner.

The building of a grand empire as Cloudway demanded a lot of devotion to the purpose. The effort and dedication Mansi’s leadership had to put couldn’t be limited to stipulated working hours a day. Her entrepreneurial zeal brought out the learner in her. Whether it was conversation or reading an article, everything had something to learn from. Speaking about it, she shares, “My mind works 24*7; even while I am cooking,I have ideas clicking my mind. Every discussion is an opportunity to me. I just analyze how can that benefit my organization in the best possible way. I never limit myself to specific hours in a day.”

This evolutionary journey of entrepreneurship has broadened Mansi’s vision for her brainchild. She envisages Cloudway as a Fortune 500 entity thriving in the global corporate ecosystem with a worth beyond billion dollars. To her, Cloudway is a dream which she nurtures with her passion; and fuels its growth with every resource she has. With the strategic roadmap she has been following, the firm’s growth path is soon to witness diversification into several other verticals.

Words of Wisdom

Success is a collective effort and comes when you invest in good resources. “There is just one mantra to success; you cannot grow alone. So, take people along, groom them and give them an atmosphere where they would achieve their potential. They will contribute their part; give their best and will take you to next level.” The strategy to achieve success is to invest on potential talent pool which will surely pay back you.

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