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“If you know your targets, no one can bar you from achieving them with flying colours”

 – Anita Arora

Standing strong on the sturdy shoulders of a flourishing businesswoman, a single mother, and the ‘Woman Achiever- 2018 & 19’ award winner, Anita Arora, Director, Security Solutions endeavours to deliver high quality and customized services in the ‘Field of Electronic Security System’ with a plethora of embedded systems coupled with expertise of skilled professionals.

Security Solutions, under the capable supervision and proficiency of Anita, has cemented its position as one of the leading suppliers and integrators in the electronic security domain in industrial, corporate and residential sectors. The company incessantly aims to deliver quality and customized solutions and is committed to providing world-class services enabling them to become the number one choice of top solutions seekers companies. After laying its foundation in 2006 with a group of likeminded industry rich professionals, the company has added innumerable feathers to its cap globally.


A businesswoman, a single mother, and a sole proprietor, Anita Arora is the Director at Security Solutions. She started with a government job in 1994 at RVTI (Regional Vocational Training Institute) Hisar, Haryana, before her shift to the capital, spent hard times struggling to look for an earning to support her family. And finally, when she did, it was hardly sufficient, the dire need to meet the ends and tough circumstances pushed her to do something of her own. Without much knowledge of starting a venture, she headed out on her journey when she stumbled upon the dealership advertisement of ZICOM and that was the turning point, and today she stands strong with a successful venture in her hand.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Anita talks about the achievements, and the position that Security Solutions has gained in a short period, how they thrive to provide best and unique solutions through specialized services to diverse industries helping to maximize return on ‘Electronic & IT Solution’ and a lot more;

Briefly describe your company and the products or services you are offering. 

In terms of services, we deal with electronic security systems, I’m an integrator. We design security systems according to the requirements and wishes of our clients. It includes several services, to name a few CCTV cameras, fire alarm systems, access control, outdoor security like gate automation and boom barrier, home automation, etc. all these are inclusive of the creative software designing part by our skilled team of professionals.

We have tapped on a wide market over the years and maintained the unbreakable faith of your clients. We have worked on several projects of retail industries, corporate, builders and government sectors. One of the reasons for our clients continuing their faith in us is because of the quality of services and tailored solutions that we provide; the client is and always will be on our priority.

Shed light on your team, what ethos is maintained for the employees in your company? 

At Security Solutions, we have ensured hiring a qualified set of employees and built a team of value. We arrange training sessions for our employees for each of our products to help them comprehend the services and easily and further gain knowledge and expertise. We provide a very humble, easy, and healthy environment at work to maintain a balanced atmosphere for our technical experts, qualified engineers, consultants, and dedicated support team’s co-existence.

As your company grew, or re-grew from your pivot, what were the primary challenges?

At the infancy stage of the company, I have done every possible job that I could do; I used to deliver the products on a two-wheeler by myself. I was at a loss of technical knowledge that boiled me to be dependent on my employees and OEM and hence I faced a lot of losses and I realized the time has come for me to train myself to make the work easier for me and curb the losses.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

I have gone through my fair share of hard work and toiling for success and it has made me what I am today. I have worked through days and nights negating every possible distraction that came my way and the motivation to do the best helped me through. I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who supported my dream like my best friend Parveen Setia stood strong by my side and pumped me to perform better, helped me trust myself and achieve greater heights.

What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

For starters, I do not feel there is a difference between men or a woman on business grounds, both the genders are sufficiently capable of achieving what they dream strongly for and in my journey, to say the least, this was never a hurdle thankfully. The field I am involved in has a certain level of male domination but that has never stopped me from doing what I do, it’s mostly knowledge and will that help you through the pace. I also have faced my set of challenges when people have underestimated my efficiencies but I have dealt with the same by providing high-quality work. I feel overwhelmed to be a part of this sector; it has given me a different identity of my own. I suggest everyone working hard in my field regardless of their gender should keep moving ahead, no matter the number of hiccups they face, there will always be a solution to it.

What does the future hold for your company? Kindly share your future goals. What are you most excited about?

My prime goal above all is to speed awareness regarding the security solution necessities inn our routines, all need to know how helpful it is for us. I am also looking forward to my YouTube channel that I have launched to enhance the knowledge of people about my industry, the products we offer and the tips about the same.

Anita summarizes the conversation stating her core belief, “Those who do not have learning, have no austerity, do not give to charity, and have neither knowledge nor character, have no good qualities no righteousness. They, on this Earth, are being who are loads, in the form of people and are animals that simple graze.”

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