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A subsidiary of AppPoint ,backed by over a decades of R&D and powered by an enterprise class business application platform addressing the needs of high growth oriented businesses with ready to use highly scalable cloud and mobile enabled business applications, LMExcellence is an innovation driven start-up transforming the global landscape of talent development.

LMExcellence, a cloud based, mobile enabled platform empowering business with capability to establish their own digital solution for talent development and management is founded by a group of first time entrepreneurs and mentored by individuals with extensive experience in developing and launching some of the industry leading solutions for fortune 100 firms. Deepa Narain, the co-founder and director(CEM) of LMExcellence at AppPoint Software Solutions, is a computer science professional with experience specialising in enterprise application development backed with knowledge of technologies like Java, J2EE, etc, who took the initiative of co-founding a venture that offers a digital platform transforming the way we learn and teach.

Coming from a family background with a very conventional mindset, where government jobs were the only way to live a secured life, Deepa grew up learning that having a steady well-paying job is the only way one could lead a happy life. With this on her mind, she followed her elder sister footsteps, a successful software professional today, and started her career as a software engineer. She worked in different demographics and gathered immense experience and knowledge over the years and eventually, she entered motherhood. She decided to give her fast growing career a back seat and take a break to raise her child.

She proudly shares, “The sabbatical I took taught me the most invaluable lessons. After almost 7 years of this break, I restarted my career from where I left off and eventually to what I am today. My organization gave me the platform to transform myself into a product evangelist, and today I can proudly say that forward is the only way I want to go.”


Embracing technology, LMExcellence is designed to enable a highly engaging and personalized approach for talent development while also enhancing the predictability of learning outcome through continuous non-intrusive assessment.

Recognizing personal as well as organization-centric development needs/goals, LMExcellence is available in two variants, an US FDA CFR-11 compliant enterprise edition that is highly optimized for a business scenario as well as a free for all marketplace edition, which is an open MOOC platform for global community of learners, coaches as well as learning content providers.


For the enterprise edition of their solutions, LMExcellence has customers spanning large enterprises where talent compliance is of great significance for their business continuity (like in pharma, healthcare, banking) to those which are human centric businesses such as IT services, Retail, etc.

The LMExcellence marketplace edition, empowers many educational and research institutes as well as hundreds of subject matter experts and content developers with a state of the art digital platform to offer their service to a global community of learners.

THE LMExcellence TEAM

With the traits of being a highly diverse team believing in the environment of collaboration, shared responsibilities and innovation, the LMEXcellence team places trust in each other’s ability to take initiatives and ownership. Built on the core strength of over 3 decades of experience in designing and developing industry-leading products for global organizations, LMExcellence is a people-centric, high energy, innovation-led environment with a firm belief in being a valuable extension to their customers.

Growing from the stage of being a startup, they pivoted on their strength which revolved around the sound engineering capability. On all other fronts, they have had to cope with significant learning on the job, which at times came with higher risks and cost. Being revenue funded added to the constraints on some of what we could do, but happy to have sustained many of the challenging periods.


Behind the dynamic woman leader, Deepa believes many people have been supporting and acting as the pillars of strength for her, be it her father, spouse, son, or her boss, these men have always stood by her and believed in everything she did. Apart from them, she has taken each situation as learning experiences including the shortcoming and failure.

She shared her views on the lessons she learned and the key factors to a woman’s success, “The lessons I learnt from my experiences are invaluable and keep fuelling my hunger to learn more. I strongly believe every woman is built with a very strong framework. She is capable of multitasking, playing multiple roles and fearlessly managing the toughest of situations. We need to just apply these strengths that we are inbuilt with.”


While many people have grown up learning that one needs stable and consistent situations to lead a happy life not many of us have been taught to face challenges or take risks. Fortunately, in Deepa’s case, her father believed that every individual should be independent and gave her the freedom to make her own choices. It gave her a sense of responsibility towards each action and decision she took. However, for every failure she faced, she was asked to give up or take a back seat.

She shared, “Even today, decades later, at most times our setbacks are considered as obvious outcomes of not being able to do enough, and becomes a challenge to put your point across. I often make a lot of difficult decisions. One of these tough decisions was where the product that I was involved since inception was being spun off as a completely new entity and a sub venture of the organization. I was given a choice to either move into that venture as the founder or continue to stay in the parent company. I chose to be a part of the new sub venture even if it meant that there would be quite an amount of risk I would be taking.”


At LMExcellence, it is ensured that each employee enjoys the same set of privileges and is entitled to the same set of regulations. While all the LMExcellence team members deal with a uniform treatment, they are flexible in terms of the work timings, work from home options or parental leave policies. “Our policy of same treatment addresses the needs of every employee’s work-life balance and gives everyone the same access to opportunities. I believe every organization should ensure that they follow these simple processes which in the long run will ensure your human capital is happy thereby committed to the organizational goals.” shared Deepa Narain


 “What we think, we become”- Buddha

 Under the dynamic leadership of Deepa Narain and the core team, LMExcellence has achieved numerous milestones in sync with the vision and preset goals of the brand. The brand is one of the early product-centric ventures in India offering solutions that have been adopted by the global giants while they have also enjoyed the recognition by Gartner as one in top 10 global technology players offering a niche platform for businesses.


In an era, where the whole world is swept by the digitization and automation wave at a fast pace, learning plays a major role in helping evolve individuals and organizations across the globe.  LMExcellence’s endeavour as a brand is to offer solutions enable people to manage their training and upkeep their skills.

“We have been successfully catering to modern-day learners at the right place at the right time. Being a fast-growing organization, we anticipate and hope that our adoptions keep scaling up.” shared the leader

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