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Event Planning Extraordinaire: Women-Owned Businesses at the Helm


Event planning is a complex artwork that requires thoughtful consideration, creativity, and excellent organisational skills.  In recent years, there has been an astonishing increase in women-owned businesses in the event planning sector.

Women in the event planning industry have broken the barriers and made a huge impact on how events are planned, conceptualised, and conducted.  This blog post will embrace the extraordinary abilities of women-owned event planning businesses. We will also look at their unique contribution to the industry with the help of some successful examples. 

Overcoming Hurdles and Creating New Paths: Women who work as event planners have broken barriers and challenged gender norms. They have shown that there are women who work in the event planning profession as well. 

Using Creativity and Innovation: Women-owned event planning companies have infused the sector with a new wave of creativity and innovation. They frequently approach events from a distinct angle, fusing aesthetics, storytelling, and meticulousness to produce remarkable experiences.

Incorporating Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Women-owned event planning companies have embraced these ideals in a time when sustainability and social responsibility are in everyone’s thoughts. They specialise in waste reduction, local and sustainable material procurement, and eco-friendly practices. 

Balancing Professionalism and Personal Touch: The ability of women-owned event planning companies to achieve a mix between professionalism and a personal touch is one of their defining characteristics.

They know the value of developing trusting connections with customers, paying attention to their needs, and realising their visions. They create an intimate and welcoming ambience that resonates with attendees by adding their touch to events.

Following are a few instances of women-owned event planning businesses that have inspired others and paved new paths for women:

Eventistry by Alecia

The founder of Eventistry, Alecia Robinson, is renowned for her creative event ideas and thorough attention to design. Her business specialises in producing visually appealing and immersive experiences. Alecia has gained recognition for her talent for transforming commonplace surroundings into remarkable ones and realising her clients’ aspirations.

Pink Blossom Events

BreeAnn Gale, the proprietor of Pink Blossom Events, is well known for her skill in organising and coordinating weddings. Her company specialises in planning distinctively personalised and unforgettable weddings, paying particular regard to each couple’s tastes and preferences. BreeAnn has received recognition in the business for her precise preparation and execution.

Saffron Events UK 

Saffron Events UK is a well-known event-planning firm specialising in opulent Asian weddings and celebrations. Kiran Randhawa founded it. The elaborate decorations, stunning floral arrangements, and flawless execution of Kiran’s crew are legendary. They have developed a superb reputation for producing lavish events full of culture.

Wedding Sutra 

Parthip Thyagarajan and Madhulika Mathur founded WeddingSutra, one of India’s top wedding planning platforms. They provide full wedding planning services, including suggestions for caterers, ideas, and individualised support. They have earned a solid reputation in the Indian wedding business because of their knowledge and attention to detail.

The Wedding Design Company 

The Wedding Design Company’s founder, Devika Narain, is renowned for her talent in designing stunning and personal weddings. Her business specialises in customised weddings that capture the couple’s tastes and history. Devika has gained an international reputation for her meticulous attention to detail, originality, and passion for design

Pooja Motwani Weddings

Pooja Motwani is a skilled wedding planner renowned for her talent in designing lavish and rich weddings. Her business, Pooja Motwani Weddings, is well known for its luxury and meticulousness. Pooja is a well-known figure in the industry for her ability to coordinate opulent aspects and carry out immaculate events.

These women-owned event-planning companies have transformed the concept of wedding celebrations, mixing traditional customs with some aesthetic trends. Their skills, creativity, and dedication to quality have raised the bar for event planning nationwide.


Women-owned event-planning businesses have restructured the industry with their creativity, dedication to success, and commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. Through their unwavering devotion, they have shattered the obstacles and made a path for future event planners.

The influence they have created is seen not only in the events they organise but also in the empowerment and motivation they provide to women worldwide. As we cherish their remarkable achievements, we should keep supporting and promoting women entrepreneurs in the event-planning industry.

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