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Event Management Made Easy: Women-Owned Software Solutions


In the zestful world of event management, systematic and smooth operations are crucial for success. Creative software solutions have emerged to simplify the complex tasks involved in planning and organising events.

Even more impressive is that many of these solutions are developed by women-owned businesses, highlighting the outstanding accomplishments of women in the business and technology sectors. This blog will explore some women-owned software solutions that have transformed event management, making it simpler and more enjoyable for event organisers and attendees alike.

Here are some examples of women-owned software solutions that have completely transformed event management in today’s time : 


Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams founded the online graphic design tool Canva. Users can make and modify designs for various uses, including social media graphics, presentations, and posters.


Julia Hartz established the online event management and ticketing service Eventbrite. Users may develop, market, and sell tickets for events of various sizes using this tool. The software Eventbrite is now widely used for planning and running events.


Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen are the creators of the portal Houzz for home design and remodelling. It offers consumers a platform to get home design inspiration, connect with industry experts, and purchase home goods. Houzz has developed into a well-known online community for homeowners and those who love interior design.


Leah Busque developed the internet marketplace TaskRabbit. It links users with competent people who can assist with various jobs and errands, including cleaning, handyperson services, moving aid, and more. People may easily get dedicated support and outsource their work with TaskRabbit.

Maven Clinic

Kate Ryder established the online healthcare resource Maven Clinic. It offers telehealth services and virtual care for women’s health requirements, such as reproductive health, maternity care, mental health, and more. Maven Clinic links customers with healthcare providers through its app and provides individualised support.


Radhika Aggarwal, Sandeep Aggarwal, and Sanjay Sethi launched the internet store ShopClues. It provides a platform for online product sales for small and medium-sized firms. To meet the needs of the Indian market, ShopClues concentrates on offering a wide variety of goods at affordable costs.

Vayana Network

 Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal founded the online platform for supply chain financing known as Vayana Network. It allows companies to receive working capital finance and improve supply chain management. Vayana Network facilitates communication between companies and financial institutions.

These are just a few instances of software products created by women-owned businesses that have greatly impacted their respective industries. Around the world, many more smart women entrepreneurs and developers are developing revolutionary software solutions.


Event management can be difficult and demanding, but it has become more feasible and systematic due to the innovative software solutions developed by women-owned companies. 

These innovative companies have simplified event planning, magnified attendee experiences, simplified vendor management, and transformed event marketing.

Their dedication to making user-friendly platforms and bringing innovation to the event management industry is admirable. It is crucial to keep supporting their endeavours in shaping the future of event management. 

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