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“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live”. — Albert Hadley

Crafting  spaces that fit the unique lifestyle of the clientele and their imagination of a perfect ambience, Spine Infratech is one of the most sought after Architecture and Interior design firms in Delhi. True to their name, they are renowned for providing reliable and quality architectural and design solutions in corporate, retail, and residential sectors, offering them aesthetically and functionally augmented places.

Architecture is a world of innovation, creativity and interactions which are the core traits of each decision taken by the team of the young design firm, Spine Infratech, the brainchild of the Creative Director and the path-breaking entrepreneur, Alka Srivastava. Like any other young company, Spine Infratech has also pivoted from its starting point towards success based on the passion of the entrepreneur that translates into a successful business. In Alka’s case, the entrepreneur was pursuing in Zoology from Hansraj College, Delhi, when she realised the need to pursue what inspired her.

The search for her passion led her to the decision to shift career path and pursue designing. Alka completed a degree in Interior Design at the prestigious London College of Communication (LCC) at University of the Arts, London. In the UK, she also explored and gained experience working with a world-renowned furniture design company, Roche-Bobois.

The visionary transformed from a young entrepreneur into the dynamic leader she is today backed by her strong determination, dedicated hours, continuous learning , and constant support from her family. In the last eight years, Alka has successfully formed a team of efficient architects, designers, civil engineers, site supervisors who share a sense of ownership in the brand, a delighted clientele that has been offered design consultation services and turnkey solutions including comprehensive execution of all the civil and design schemes such as panning specific electrical and plumbing services, false ceiling and lighting schemes, flooring layouts, woodwork and spaces are speak for the brand.


Spine Infratech came into existence when the two entrepreneurs, Alka Srivata and Kapil Tyagi, who shared the history of collaborating with Alka on a few projects, coined the idea of a brand that offers their exclusive clientele  a perfect blend of architectural services and design aesthetics, all under one roof.

While Kapil brought to the table his insightful ideas backed with the strong technical background gained via his experience in the architectural and construction industry, Alka in the role of the Creative Director ensured creation of designs that are in sync with the client’s imagination.


Every space is different. Meeting the vision of the client and building an aesthetic and functional space is a challenge. In the past eight years of their endeavour, Spine Infratech has been successfully delivering their projects with the core and organized process and efficient communication that has led to hassle-free and seamless experience for the client working with the three areas of creativity, innovation and interaction.

Conceptualising unique designs, collaborating with the experienced vendors, and creating spaces that meet expectations; they have been producing the world-class designs representing their professional management backed with years of experience. Spine Infratech team, in their years of operating, has mastered the art of managing coordination with multiple vendors while ensuring the timely and quality execution of the project.

They have gained the reputation of being the finest solution providers by their delighted clients as they lay special focus on after-sales services. Spine Infratech team has acknowledged the nuances of delays, the cost overruns and hassles for clients. Thus, they have a successful track record of delivering the best every time.


As a young female leader, Alka has grown tremendously in her journey with experiences. Initially, when the brand was just starting up, the entrepreneur has followed leads, visited far-off places and dealt with the labour at the site along with many other challenges in the field, and appeared as a strong leader after facing all these hurdles.

Having mentioned that, based in an industry with many vendors, products, and services; working out a business model was a challenge that the leadership team overcame. As the brand grew, to ensure a timely and impeccable service, they constantly experimented and tried several permutations and combinations of services. The other hurdles in the path to success included building a team of reliable vendors and contractors and establishing a brand name as consultants as this industry mainly runs on word of mouth.


In 2017, the visionary leader took a break and went on to complete a teacher’s training programme in Yoga from Sivananda’ Yoga centre at Netala, pursuing yet another passion and calling. This  went on to become a crucial part of her day as it starts with one dedicated hour of yoga and kriya . Despite the tied up day, she ensures that she prepares the first meal of the day herself

A day at work comprises a list of tasks including team meetings, site visits, client meeting or calls, follow up with vendors, procurement visits, follow up of furniture production at the workshop, research and development. Her two hobbies are quite reflective from her daily routine, i.e. cooking and wellness and she ends the day with reading and a quick scan through the day.

Alka’s favourite books are the ones that particularly follow the scientific aspect of spirituality including Health, Wealth & Spirituality – Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, Eternity of Sound & the science of Mantras- Shri ram Sharma Acharya, Inner Engineering – Jaggi Sadguru, and Mind Full to Mindful – Om Swami.


“Learn to trust the process of life to always bring what you need.” shared Alka Srivatava

Alka and the Spine team have delivered numerous successful projects that speak volumes about their quality of work  at the current areas of operations. A prominent name in Delhi, NCR, Spine Infratech is planning to expand to Pan India, the next step on the ladder to success. These expansion plans are a part of the zest for change and growth. Thus, the next focus area of the brand is meeting the challenges of supervising outstation projects and required structure for the same.

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