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“Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” Snehal Jain inspires to achieve excellence through innovation


Recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth of women entrepreneurship in business landscapes dominated by men. The progress of women in this field has definitely defined this period as the era of business women.With passionate drive, confidence, liveliness and vision, business women of modern India are making winning strides edging past all barriers.

These women have been leaving indelible marks in their concerned disciplines with their creativity, innovative ideas and achievements while contributing to the world economy significantly. One of these gems is Snehal Jain, who has been acknowledged as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ recently for achieving excellence in the HR services all over the globe through her innovation and re-defining the line of business by her skills and her drive to excel.

To quote Steve Jobs, “Hiring the Best is your most important task”, is what Snehal believes in. Snehal Jain has founded Human Forte, an organization, which through its specialized international as well as domestic HR & Recruitment services, has initiated transformation in the ways the Human Resources industry has functioned till now. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and overall requirements, Human Forte delivers tailor-made, cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Hiring a talent who possesses appropriate skills and brilliance to perform multiple tasks attributed to a position is very critical to the success of an organization.The wave of economic challenges that globalization has brought in the recent years accompanied with rapid technological changes have put incredible number of pressures on today’s organizations and every organization demands skilled professionals.

This demand has been increasing over time and has led to imprudent recruitment processes that have resulted in a huge gap in the talent acquisition industry. Being experienced in the HR industry for a decade, Snehal observed the mismanagement in hiring procedures that ended up in erroneous recruitment.

This realization motivated Snehal to set up her own organization so that she could fill the gap by reaching out to more organizations and finding appropriate resources for their specific job roles that would help in inducing efficiency in business processes and organization building. Snehal knew that it was going to be a grueling task for her considering the scenario in the market, but she followed her belief that nothing is impossible to achieve if the required efforts are put in.

She decided to quit her job and step into the journey of entrepreneurship. After traveling in this journey for four years, Snehal thinks founding Human Forte is the best decision she has ever made.

Implementing HR solutions in various industries is a challenge on account of various factors, which Snehal has successfully achieved by adopting client centric approach. Snehal’s deep domain expertise has empowered her with the ability to identify talented people with requisite skills for any specific profile.

As she puts it, “Having a decade of experience in human resources, I had a firsthand experience of the challenges in finding an appropriate resource for any position in an organization. It’s not just about a candidate’s resume or qualifications or experience;whether the candidate’s aptitude harmonizes with organization’s vision is equally important. I laid the foundation of Human Forte on this thought.”

Snehal’s focus on providing quality services in niche areas in the industry and her client-centric approach has earned her business a reputation in the market and has enabled it to emerge as a leading player in the market.

Today Human Forte has gained recognition for hiring exceptional candidates for its clients. In Snehal’s words, “We keep transparency with our clients that help us gain their trust; we individualize our solutions understanding their business needs and their reputation in the market so as to meet their expectations. With our specially customized solutions, we demonstrate our competence which helps us in building a long-lasting relationship with the client.

That’s how we achieve success.”Driven by her mission, Snehal is constantly working towards achieving excellence in her services to her clients. Her thirst for success is not satiated, and she feels the best is yet to come. On being asked about her greatest professional accomplishment till date, she reflects, “I am looking forward to achieve more tomorrow than what I did today and I am striving to improve myself all the time.

One should not just get satisfied with the existing accomplishments, that’s where you achieve more than what you actually thought of.”She holds tight to the belief that success follows dedication and determination. Snehal shares about her future plans for Human Forte and tells that she wants her firm to be the most preferred partner for providing innovative HR solutions to businesses across the globe with highest quality, speed and values.

“You have to do your bit and success will follow. If you put your heart and soul in what you want to achieve there is nothing that can stop you.  Patience is the key.” says Snehal Jain, Founder & CEO, Human Forte

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