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Dolly Wadalkar fronts Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in bridging the digital gap across the India Pharma Value Chain


Dolly Wadalkar fronts Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in bridging the digital gap across the India Pharma Value Chain

The committals of Pharma Industry are changing. The industry which was running hard to keep pace with the modification brought about by digital technology and stood at low figures across the digital world is now changing its angles. Pharma leaders too, have observed the disruptive potential and are experimenting with a wide range of digital initiatives for their entities. Technology has revolutionized almost every corner of the world economy- from banking, manufacturing, logistics and many more industries but Pharma marketing was still at practicing the age-old established marketing strategies. Dolly Wadalkar aimed to remedy this. With a vision of introducing technological wave in Pharma Brand Management, this decade-old industry veteran laid the bedrock of a digital pioneer, Techizer in 2011 with the Co-founder Praveen Wadalkar to provide  Pharma players with a digital edge collaborated with faster communication, versatility, and streamlined strategies in order to offer much potential to marketers worldwide. Today, under the stewardship of both the founders, the firm has positioned itself on greater pinnacles.

To gain further insight into this digital entrepreneur, we interviewed Ms Wadalkar in line with her endeavor as an entrepreneur. Here are the edited excerpts… 

Ms Wadalkar, provide us with an overview of your professional journey.

I represent first-generation entrepreneurship. After completing my graduation in Microbiology, I entered in Pharma Sales domain where I gained exposure on sales for 3 years. I was bestowed with the opportunity to work within Pharma Marketing (Brand Management Department) spectrum for 7 yrs. After assembling my experience of commendable 10 years elevated from brands like GSK, Glenmark, FDC and Aristo Pharma, I sailed off my voyage towards the entrepreneurial ecosystem by venturing out Techizer in 2011 with Praveen Wadalkar, and, et le drame s’est passé (the rest is history)! What started as a 3 member team with one client on board has grown to a team of 100+, with 50+ global Pharma clients in today’s time.

Throw some light on your entrepreneurial investment, Techizer.

Techizer is an IT company with its niche focused on how to leverage technology for the Pharma Brand Building. At Techizer, we design technology solutions to manage Pharma Stakeholders such as Doctor, Patient, Chemist and Sales Force. We formulate strong strategies and develop technology platforms for an effect reach and smooth communication for these stakeholders. Through our services, we are connected to millions of Doctors, Patients, Chemist and Salesforce. A family of 100+ team members; it gives an opportunity to the ambitious learner and welcomes the new talent. We train people by grooming their skills and investing in people’s learning by providing them with the apt training through our in-house and external training faculties, including:

  • New coding language certification program for IT
  • Lean Six Sigma Certification Program for Project Management
  • New software learning program for animation
  • Digital Training workshops and Public speaking workshop

What problem does Techizer solve and how are you different from others in the field?

We call it an opportunity rather than a problem for which we are providing technology solutions. One of the most important areas we focus on is how we can leverage technology to improve patient adherence to medicines. We assist them in providing First purchase assistance and play our part in improving the health literacy by reminding them to take medicine on time, refilling their next dose and providing care to them throughout their therapy journey. Our next stop was to strengthen Doctor and Pharma Company’s connection by taking care of all the compliances and ethical standards. Furthermore, we shifted our focus on Pharma Marketing Team to address the need of how they can empower their field force and increase their sales productivity.

What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?

Being the first-generation entrepreneur was the initial obstacle I faced. We had to run the show by ourselves, with a little investment in our pocket. Further, getting the right talent pool, in the beginning, was another challenge awaiting us. Being a newcomer, we did struggle a little in gaining the initial customers. But our commitment, passion and excellence anchored the presence of the organization and helped us to smoothly sail our journey. We have never said no to any opportunity and we welcome challenges. Our perpetual efforts have earned copious awards and recognition. Techizer has been featured amongst the top 20 m-health solution provider in 2018. We have also been ranked among the top 3 in the Pharma Brand Marketing Service provider.

Who are your clients?

Since our inception, we have been cherishing long-term relationships with leading Pharma leaders like Abbott, Alembic, Alken, Cadila, Cipla, Danone, FDC, Glenmark, GSK, Lupin, Pfizer, Dr Reddy’s, Sun Pharmaceuticals and many more.

What are the major leadership qualities that helped you grow within the company during the past 6 years?

  • Vision clarity from top to bottom in the organization
  • Practice freedom to contribute, innovate and enhance the process
  • Reachable and available for team and clients
  • Learning from everyone around, growing with every project experience
  • Be yourself at good as well as odd times
  • Keep upgrading your knowledge and skills

What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

I believe that women in India should get support from their spouse, their family or the society they live in. But before all, she should believe in herself and have confidence in her dreams and passion. She should think that yes! I can run this business.

Women in India have grown in a male-dominated environment and the effect could be seen in their hesitation to sail off their entrepreneurial journey. Only their strong belief in themselves can push them ahead and can further fuel their journey. According to me, the following are the keys to professional & business success:

  • Passion: Is the driving force to achieve the purpose of your life.
  • Purpose: Clear and well-defined Purpose
  • Perseverance: Define the Purpose of your existence and work passionately to accomplish the milestone set for your professional or business goal.

World respect people who work with clarity and discipline

What are the big milestones you are looking to achieve in 2018 and beyond?

For us, FY 2018-19 is the year to go-global in line with plans to expand our wings. We are currently providing our technology services to few countries internationally. With the Patient First division of Techizer, we are looking forward to enhancing our patient care services at their doorstep and developing our core strength- Corporate CRM. We are planning to add innovative features to strengthen the business communication of Pharma leaders with their Stakeholders.

Our Future plan is to become a global authority in Pharma marketing. We want to reach around 10 million patients and assist them in medication adherence. We are also looking ahead to empower Doctors to connect with their patients by using innovative technology and strength.

What advice would you give young women who want to follow a similar career path as you?

  • Follow your passion
  • Be true to your commitment
  • The world will respect your plans and action if you respect it first
  • New Development attracts growth – Welcome them always
  • Keep upgrading your education and skills by enrolling in online courses or post-graduation certification. Attend conferences, meet visionaries who have done what you wish to achieve in your life.
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