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Unveiling Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury: Book Launch at the Historic Roman Bath in the UK


Renowned academician and luxury expert Professor Mahul Brahma celebrated the launch of his eighth book, “Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury,” in the historical setting of the Roman Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The event was graced by Professor John Strachan, a distinguished author, musician, and academician, and took place at the illustrious Pump Room restaurant within the Roman Baths complex.

The Magnificent City of Bath

The launch of Professor Mahul Brahma’s book took place in the captivating city of Bath, UK, celebrated for its dual historical significance of Roman and Georgian eras. Bath’s rich heritage provided an apt backdrop for unveiling a book that delves into the realms of aesthetic leadership within the luxury domain.

The Grand Book Launch

The distinguished event was presided over by Professor John Strachan, Pro Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University. He lauded Professor Brahma’s work and cultural insights, emphasising the significance of “Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury.” The venue, The Pump Room, lent an air of historical charm to the occasion.

Dual Book Launch

Following the launch at the Roman Bath, the book was unveiled at the Bath Business School, situated at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park campus. Esteemed fellow academicians participated in the event, highlighting the importance of the book within academic circles.

Professor Mahul Brahma’s Background

Professor Brahma, a Visiting Research Fellow at Bath Business School and an Academic Visitor in the UK, expressed his gratitude for the support of fellow academicians. He described “Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury” as a research-based guide for CXOs and luxury brands to transform them into aesthetic leaders. The book explores the nexus between aesthetics and the multi-billion-dollar luxury market, catering to connoisseurs and aesthetes.

Case Studies and Insights

The book features compelling case studies, including the story of Ketan and Jatin Chokshi from Narayan Jewellers in India. Their journey exemplifies the fusion of aesthetics and design within a nearly century-old brand. Additionally, Professor Brahma draws parallels with Steve Jobs and Apple, showcasing how aesthetic leadership propelled the brand’s success.

Author’s Profile

Professor Mahul Brahma holds a PhD and D.Litt. He is a TEDx speaker on the mythic value of luxury, a luxury commentator, a columnist, and the author of eight books. His diverse experience spans journalism, corporate communications, and academia. Currently the Professor and Dean of NSHM Media School, he was formerly the Dean of Adamas University and a key figure at Tata group company mjunction.

Understanding Aesthetic Leadership

“Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury” delves into the unique leadership required in businesses centred on beauty, art, and design. It explores how aesthetic leaders can drive competitive advantage and offer alternative perspectives on complex issues. Aesthetic leadership intersects with cultural, political, and interpersonal realms, providing a fresh outlook on traditional leadership paradigms.


The launch of “Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury” amidst the historic Roman Bath in the UK symbolised the fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary insights. Professor Mahul Brahma’s work promises to revolutionise how aesthetics and leadership converge in the luxury landscape, offering a new lens through which to perceive challenges and opportunities.

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