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“I would say if you have a dream, follow it. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a woman or from India or from wherever.”-  Kalpana Chawla 

The advancements in technology have proven quite fruitful in the last few years, for good, and the educated guess for the future is that criticality of a refined online presence for brands will only amplify.

Keeping in mind the significant need to run parallel with these swift hover-boarding web designing trends in productive anticipation of future, WEAMSE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was established in 2017. Today, it provides an end-to-end solution for business needs and creates basic expandable websites for small businesses and updated modern, fast-loading websites for existing businesses.

Incorporated in 2017, the company is today under the well-guided leadership of Anjala Jose, Co-Founder, WEAMSE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS assists in instituting the extraordinary possible level of profit. The company is a group of highly skilled young people with a friendly approach and great communication.


Anjala Jose is the Co-Founder & Operations Manager at the company at present, she believes in staying focused on the direction forward and striving to be creative, unique, humble, and true to oneself. Taking a different path soon after B. Tech pushed her way beyond her comfort zones in many ways. Initially, she started from home by helping small business owners in building their online presence and eventually expanded to form WEAMSE on a larger and more thriving scale to help companies in their business growth. She is brave, a risk taker, who doesn’t shy away from making mistakes and consider them as an opportunity to learn.

The CEO Magazine grabbed a chance to talk to the Co-Founder of WEAMSE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, a Web Developer, Wife, Mother and Best Friend to many, Anjala. The one who decided to stay true to her core values and take the trust of others seriously to rise as a successful leader, read on to know more about the powerhouse;

Going back to your early career decisions, tell us what factors influenced your decision to be an entrepreneur?

I have always fancied being of use to others and have wanted to do it with all my freedom. Soon after my B. Tech, I helped innumerable business owners to expand online creatively who started small and were seeking growth. I not merely created powerful websites but long term trust and relationships with it and hence felt that the time has come to do something of my own. There was no stopping then, in a while, with hard work and massive support from my family, a team of young minds, and experts – WEAMSE came into being.

Who are your clients? How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of your clients?

My clients are mainly small business owners who wanted to start their business with a website and then grow through online presence.  For me, trust comes first before business agreements. At WEAMSE, we build a strong relationship with the clients in terms of communication, understanding before we start the business. The client who chose us and our brand, repeatedly, indicates an excellent and winning operation.

Shed light on your team. What ethos is maintained for the employees in your company?

At WEAMSE, we create a positive culture of trust and fairness in the workplace. We provide independent mentoring to each employee personally. We believe that a good work environment is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on employee’s personal as well as their professional lives. Employees are given chance to self-learn which makes them independent, versatile, and deepens their personal and technical skills.

As your company grew, or re-grew from your pivot, what were the primary challenges?

One of the main challenges we faced was attracting and hiring the right people, it was quite a task to build and scale the right people in the beginning. In the consecutive months, we blueprinted an enhanced hiring strategy which helped in finding the suitable talent for WEAMSE.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

I was married pretty early, right after my B. Tech and I had no idea where to start from, it was my husband who enormously supported me to start a venture on my own. Apart from him, my parents were an encouragement factor as well. My family never stood against my dreams and that boosted my confidence and creative thought process. I will always be grateful to each one of my supporter.

What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

When a woman is involved in a business entirely, she must be ready to prove oneself. She has to strike a balance between working late nights; complete tasks on time and at the same time take care of her home and family as well. It is about proving oneself every time, at every step and in any circumstances. Be true to what you are doing and success will join you soon.

In a society like ours, with its skewed stereotypes, how did you manage to set out on your journey? What were the major challenges?

We must be aware of the fact that change is the rule of life. It is a must for an entrepreneur to understand the change and adopt necessary alterations. Finding the right customers within my region was one of the challenges. I overcame this challenge by concentrating more on international markets so that I need not limit myself within Indian boundaries.

Please take us to the routine of your day, from the time you wake up to the time you go off to sleep. Also, share your hobbies.

My day starts at around 6 in the morning. I practise yoga for stress relief, concentration, and to bring positive vibes to the rest of the day. In the morning, initial few hours are fixed for the business and the rest of the morning is for my son. Mostly, afternoon hours will be spent on marketing/social media for WEAMSE and then a few hours for household activities. Evening hours are spent on Project QA, testing, and learning new things. I try to chalk a schedule for the next day during late hours. Apart from these, I love to relax with the TV on and coffee mug in my hand, which is a rare sight.

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last year?

WEAMSE was started in a small office room which helped us in maintaining a fair distance from financial instability during the initial stages. But last year, I decided to step out the comfort zone, take the risk and move to a bigger space. This decision has helped WEAMSE to expand the company in all possible ways with more team members.

Tell us about a favourite book that inspires you.

The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Aspiring 9-to-5 Escape Artists. The book taught me to form habits that help me to run a successful Entrepreneurial life. For me, a well-organised life is very important and the book taught me how to stay focused and maintain a work-life balance.

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