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Secure Your Business: Cybersecurity Companies Owned by Women


In today’s digital world, the significance of strong cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. With increasing cyber threats, businesses must be attentive to securing their sensitive data and infrastructure.

Men have historically dominated the cybersecurity profession, but a new generation of female entrepreneurs is revolutionising the sector. This blog delves into the cybersecurity companies owned by women, highlighting their achievements, creative solutions, and the positive impact they are creating in the world of cybersecurity. 

Here are a few examples of cybersecurity companies that are owned by women:

  • CyberSN 

CyberSN is a hiring and recruitment company specialising in connecting exceptional cybersecurity experts with businesses needing their knowledge. Deidre Diamond launched the industry to solve the cybersecurity worker deficit and advance diversity in the sector.

  • Circadence 

 A leading supplier of cybersecurity training and simulation platforms is Circadence. Through immersive and gamified training environments, the company’s innovative solutions assist both individuals and organisations in improving their cybersecurity capabilities. Circadence’s CEO and owner, Amy Ertan, has been a key factor in the expansion and success of the business.

  • TalaTek

A cybersecurity and risk management company called TalaTek provides a wide range of services, such as security programme development, compliance audits, and cybersecurity assessments. Baan Alsinawi established the company to help businesses detect and mitigate cybersecurity issues successfully.

  • Cybershift Labs 

 Cybershift Labs specialises in offering incident response and cybersecurity consulting services to businesses across various industries. The founder and owner, Sandra Milan, has a wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity and has guided her company in creating ground-breaking defences against online attacks.

  • WiJungle 

 An Indian cybersecurity business called WiJungle offers businesses all-encompassing network security solutions. WiJungle’s co-founder and CEO, Poonam Singh, has been instrumental in advancing the business’ expansion and customer base.

  • Avyaan 

 Avyaan provides cybersecurity consulting and solutions that help businesses from various industries improve their cybersecurity posture. The company’s founder and CEO, Neha Malhotra, has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity consulting and has successfully worked with several clients to handle their security concerns.

  • AppSecure India 

Application security testing and consulting services are the main areas of concentration for the cybersecurity business AppSecure India. Trisha Jalan, the founder and CEO of AppSecure India, has a wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity and has been crucial in assisting companies in identifying and addressing application vulnerability issues.


The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly, and women-owned businesses are making outstanding contributions to the industry. Through their proficiency, innovation, and devotion, these companies are empowering businesses, narrowing down the gender gap, developing new solutions, safeguarding crucial infrastructure, and providing holistic cybersecurity services.

We can create a more diverse and strong cybersecurity ecosystem by motivating and supporting women-owned cybersecurity firms. As businesses aim to secure their digital assets, partnering with these women, entrepreneurs can provide a combination of expertise, innovation, and a new perspective in tackling the complex challenges of the digital world.

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