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Kauser Khan’s DNA of driving efficiency and experience through Soft skill trainings for clients


Kauser Khan’s DNA of driving efficiency and experience through Soft skill trainings for clients

The world has seen remarkable efforts put by talented and promising women in last few decades. As the women population is almost 50% of total population, women’s contribution in each and every field cannot be ignored. Breaking in like thunder, women across the globe are sending out messages that can no longer be easily dismissed. Once again we are entering a period in time where certain values and norms are being questioned, and 2017 has seen more light than ever shed on the importance of gender equality in the workforce, in order to promote gender equality in all aspects of life.

Soft skills have been power skills for human being which doesn’t only develop employability skills but also build critical thinking skills and enable personal development. They are a blend of interpersonal, communication and social intelligence skills that are high demand across industries and jobs. To bring efficiency in your business by providing soft skills training, The CEO Magazine recognizes one lady who has been awarded the “National Award for Excellence in Corporate Training 2017” by the Honorable Union Ministry of Education Government of India. A lady who is felicitated with ‘India – International Achievers’,  award for Customer Satisfaction – 2017 and many more.

Yes, the story is about Mrs. Kauser Khan, founder of Protocol. She is a high energy International Premium Lead Corporate Trainer with an International Certification on Etiquette and Grooming. She has 27 years of global experience in areas of Personality Development, International Business Etiquette, Impactful Presence and Invisible Customer Handling, Power Dressing, Cross-cultural Sensitization, Lead Programs, Advisory Workshops, Body Language, WOW Programs (Women Of the World), Communication Engineering for Corporate professionals and Image Enhancing.

Kauser khan is also an Image Stylist , a Columnist who writes in Deccan Herald, Women Planet, Times Of India, Deccan Chronicles, DNA and magazines like Outlook to name a few. She is Passionate about her work and has the ability to relate with a wide range of people across levels including Leadership, Senior Managers, Managers, Advisors, and HR & Students

Her Soft Skill Training sessions High Impact Professional, Communication Engineering,  The Charismatic Leadership, Executive presence & Global Professional have been highly appreciated and made mandatory programs, in organizations like Robert Bosch, Accenture, Mercedes Benz, Genpact, L&T,ANZ< Dover, Moog ,SAP India, IFB, Syngene, BBRC, Biocon International, etc to name just a few. Her training sessions are conducted across all levels in corporate.

Mrs. Khan’s training has been identified as a Phenomenal Learning Experience (PLE) from Accenture. Her training sessions are based on ‘experiential’ learning filled with activities, role-plays and management games to make each session very lively, interactive and learning fun.

She uses the Coaching and Directional Communication methodology to assist organizations and individuals to improve their performance and effectiveness – to coach them in how to transcend the barriers of our subjective reality and emotions that hinder our contributions in every sphere of life.

In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor

What was your dream as a business lady?

To become a successful entrepreneur you must have the right mindset & right attitude.

As a person who lacked confidence to the extent of which I used to stammer, I always wanted to start as establishment where anyone who lacked confidence, be it in any walks of like homemaker a student entrepreneur, professional, actor or politician, could walk in & we could build confidence in them.

This I knew was not an easy task & was more than soft skills. It was to understood the root cause of the problem.

Today I am very satisfied that we are heading in the right direction and I have very strong passionate teams who are working to make this dream into a reality.

What was your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Undoubtedly the National Award 2017 and the Indian achiever award bestowed upon me are very humbling.

I have received many awards from various MNC I have been partnering and we are humbled by them as well, as we were chosen among the global counterpart.

Have you ever failed in your initiatives what have you learned from your failure?

One never fails, they just don’t try enough.

We at PROTOCOL never consider a difficult situation as failure; we redesign our approach to achieve our objectives.

The learning from every difficult situation just one “we can, if we think we can”

What are your ideals? 

I greatly admire this Mrs. Indira Gandhi for the mental strength and grace, Mother Teresa, Who is love personified, Hillary Clinton the list goes on….

But ideals do not have to be globally recognized personality. The true inspirations to me are people who are tangible and have made have difference in my life. Hence, for me the person I admire most is my brother (Md. Mansoor Ahmed) who leads by example.

What is the best decision you ever made?

The best decision I have taken so far has undoubtedly been to start PROTOCOl the center for confidence building. I believe it’s the best decision not because of the success , acknowledgment , award, recognition that we have received but because it has impacted thousands of people positively in changing their life’s to be more confident human being . The rewards and recognition are a consequence of passion, commitment and hard work.

What effective strategies you have implemented to achieve success.

We have growth strategies; marketing strategies and delivery strategies. we create an achievable, sustainable action plan and have regular reviews to ensure we stay focused.

How do you define success, what is your take on the ways to achieve long term success?

To me, success is not just defined by monetary gains or acceptance of society. It is self satisfaction in knowing that you have put more than 100 percent to achieve your dreams and have not compromised on the values beliefs and belief system.

There is no short cut in success and instant gratification of the same. As per my findings success can be achieved

  1. Find out what you love to do and do it.

The saddest part is that most people are clueless of what they want to do and their own abilities. It takes someone else to tell them or motivate them and this can be temporary,

  1. Don’t be afraid of failure – one must eliminate the word failure and replace it by Learning. This empowers you to do better the next time around.
  2. Never ever give up – like it’s rightly fully said there is a thin line between success and failure.

Whom do you attribute the success to?

I believe I am still work in progress, but when I reflect on where I am which is midway I can clearly point out something’s that have helped me succeed.

I can’t deny it, but clearly Gods Grace. He has been kind and gracious and all credit to almighty.

I can’t deny people of the credit and their contribution directly and indirectly in making PROTOCOL what it is today.

The people who matter to most, my children, Omar Khan and Usman Khan,  my husband Mr. Jameel Khan ,my parents, my inspiration my brother and the highly committed the team of PROTOCOL who have been instrumental in making PROTOCOL being what is today.

Team PROTOCOL form the warp and waft and have woven the fabric of success through hard work commitment and dedication.

What do thing is the biggest challenge to female leadership?

The Indian women have come a long way but have miles to go. Before the world sees the “maa shakti side of Indian women”, none the less it’s a journey well begun

Regards less of the age, time, I believe the major challenge the Indian women faces and have been facing it’s a culture itself.

The attitude towards working women has changed but freedom is given with restriction. The acceptance and expectations don’t coincide

The wok life balance which is a major challenge is due to culture and unrealistic expectation at home.

Last but not the least is the indecisive nature of a mother, daughter, wife , to priorities herself before her family contributes towards the fact that not to any women take up the leadership role as a takes away to much of their families time towards achieving professional success.

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