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Mahima Sharma:  A super-multitasker, scripting brand stories with Basta Films


Mahima Sharma:  A super-multitasker, scripting brand stories with Basta Films

Mahima Sharma is driven by a creative passion; she shines like a star and stands as a pillar of inspiration for the entire team. 

Women are considered as the largest untapped reservoir of talent and courage in the world. They are leaving their marks in every aspect of life. The entrepreneurial path is not an exception.  In spite of having a number of complications, there are many ladies, who have come out of their circumstance, cross their limits and take the entrepreneurial bull by the horn. Mahima Sharma is one of the living souls, who started from scratch and touching the sky of success.  She has excelled in delivering creative and technical sound films that became favorites over time and topped the view charts on social media. An out-of-the-box thinker, Mahima always transforms creative concepts into executable films. She sets the standard when it comes to creative work, and she always strives to push that standard higher.

Mahima Sharma is a versatile professional with elaborate experience of 10 years in making award-winning Short films, Television commercials, and corporate films. Her first brush with ad filmmaking was in Purple Focus an advertising agency. Here, at the initial phase, she handled all their media buying responsibilities. Her passion for making films surfaced and the energy she radiated influenced people around her. With her creative and management skills she ventured into making ads for clients. Soon Purple Focus decided to establish a separate production wing to handle the audio-video work that poured in. Purple productions came into being, and Mahima Sharma has announced the partner of the same.

When Mahima was blooming, in 2013, a storm threaten her life, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Her treatment had to start immediately. That affected the acceleration of her work; it felt like a sudden pause. But Mahima was not ready to accept the defeat and decided to stand again. And, once you choose hope, anything is possible! After the surgery, she got back in full swing and made more advertisements. She returned with a dream to build a production house of her own that works with bigger brands & agencies all around the world. She founded Basta Films in 2015 along with Divyansh Ganjoo and since then the journey has been uplifting.

The role of family is very important. With a loving and supportive family, Mahima was always encouraged to push her limits and live her dreams that helped her to take steps in the same direction. 

Words of Rajeev Malik (Client) on Mahima’s Efficiency & Consequence

I have been knowing Mahima for a decade since the days when she was an employee of an agency and used to pitch for brand films. We did good work together in terms of impactful branded video content/ product films etc.

She urged us to try her work out, which we did, and after about 30 films from Basta Films, at a cost which is the envy of other brands, I’m glad about our decision of having moved lock stock & barrel, to Basta Films for all our branded content.  Mahima had struggled hard over the years, toiled to deliver great, and built her business brick-by-brick!

Mahima’s story, in Mahindra parlance, is a true RISE story. Of Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change!

Senior General Manager – Marketing

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Truck and Bus Division 

Mahima Sharma is someone who believes in taking risks and holding on to positivity. She is a firm believer of the fact that risks push to challenge the limits and positivity makes someone better receptors for more positivity.

In an interview with The CEO Magazine, Mahima discussed the Basta Films, its offering, and her professional journey.

Here are the edited excerpts. 

Throw some light on Basta Films and its Offerings.

Basta Films is an award-winning production house with a strong national and international presence. It makes audio-visual content for all digital as well as television platforms. Our company is backed by passionate and expert individuals, who believe in evolving with time and giving the best output. Our spectrum of work involves production, filming, and editing; we also have a full-fledged animation team for projects with animation requisites. Basta Films has the ability to understand the client’s core and make films as per their requirements.

 Our Offerings: 

  • TVC
  • Corporate Films
  • Digital Films
  • Animation Films

How does Basta Films support the people?

When it comes to communicating any business in just a few seconds, it looks like a herculean task. Nowadays, people want to make a deeper connection with the audience. However, it can be done with one corporate video, which may last for just one-two minute, but the reach could be gigantic.  Unlike, the mainstream movies whose purpose is to engage and entertain, a television commercial must go way beyond mere engagement and entertainment.

It must create awareness, persuade, elicit a query, and trigger a store visit. Their stories must be presented in a way that finds a place in the viewer’s heart. We come from small towns and are deeply rooted in the culture. We have lived the life of rooted emotions, and consequently, we have the ability to deliver every kind of film with authenticity. We offer a package of creative skills and technical experts with emotions, innovation, and quality.

Our ultimate business goal is to support and satisfy people. 

Who are your major clients?

Our major clients include Mahindra Truck & Bus, Mahindra Rise, Dainik Bhaskar, Dukes, DEKALB, Gulf Oil, BDI, Bajaj Auto, Sehwag International School, DBS Bank, Kriti Oil, Tata Trust, Tata Bluescope, Yellow Diamond,  Total,  DDB Mudra, Orcomm advertising, 22feettribal worldwide, FCB Ulka, Orcomm advertising, Interband etc. 

Provide an overview of your team and office presence.

I believe that a team is more than a collection of people. That’s why; I focused on building a team that reciprocates the same energy that I have. Presently, Bata Films has an employee base of 20 brilliantly talented individuals, who are strengthening the company’s ideology of doing great work at superfast speed. The entire team demonstrates competence in creativity, imagination and the ability to visualize the final product coupled with sound technical knowledge of Film Production.

My business partner Divyansh and my  team  are my source of energy and many times the motivation I need to get better at what I am doing.

Our Presence-: 

  • Head Office- Santacruz West, Mumbai
  • Branch office- Mahalakshmi Nagar, Indore 

How do you take the helm of your personal and professional life?

It is never an easy task of balancing work and family life, epecially when I have a adorable 10 yr old boy who needs my time just as much as my office needs mine.
I constantly shuttle between Mumbai, outdoor shoots and Indore where my home is. I unwind with my family and cherish the strenght and love I get from them. The times when I am away from my son , I still feel secure in the knowledge that other  memebrs of the family are taking as good a care of him.

Awards & Milestones Won by Basta Films

  • Silver in Digital Crest award 2015 & Bronze in DMI Asia Award for Dainik Bhaskar live No Negative campaign.
  • BBC Knowledge – National Digital Marketing Awards 2017 “BEST CORPORATE FILM ON SAFETY” for Total corporate film.
  • India Digital Awards 2019 awarded Mahindra Truck and Bus with Bronze for Most Consistent Excellence in Digital Publishing.
  • Festival films for Mahindra Truck and Bus won Economic Times Global Award For Excellence In Auto Retail Marketing- “Marketing Campaign Of The Year 2019”

Forthcoming Strategy

We are looking forward to telling stories that serve the satisfaction at artistic and technical levels as well.

  • Design

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