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Janmashtami: Exploring Craft Ideas for Kids


Janmashtami, a festival that marks the birth of Lord Krishna, is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Engaging kids in creative and educational activities during this festive season can help them connect with the essence of Janmashtami in a fun and meaningful way. In this blog, we present a range of delightful craft ideas that parents, teachers, and guardians can use to involve children in the celebration of Janmashtami.

Handmade Flutes

Encourage children to craft their own miniature flutes using simple materials like straws, paper, and markers. They can decorate the flutes with vibrant colours and designs, and this activity can also be accompanied by a brief storytelling session about Krishna and his enchanting flute music.

Peacock Feather Crowns

Children can create stunning peacock feather crowns using craft paper, feathers, and glue. Peacock feathers hold significance in Krishna’s stories, and this craft can help kids understand their symbolism while having a blast making their own regal headpieces.

Decorative Dahi Handi Pots

Guide kids to design and decorate small clay pots resembling the “Dahi Handi” pots that are hung high during Janmashtami celebrations. They can paint the pots with bright colours and add traditional patterns, creating their own festive decorations.

Popsicle Stick Flute and Crown

Help kids craft Krishna-themed popsicle stick crafts, such as a miniature flute and a crown. They can colour the sticks, glue them together, and embellish them with beads, sequins, and ribbons.

Janmashtami Greeting Cards

Encourage kids to make personalised Janmashtami greeting cards for friends and family. Provide them with cardstock, markers, stickers, and stamps to create beautiful cards featuring Lord Krishna, his divine leelas, or other festive motifs.

Bal Gopal Puppets

Guide children in making paper or cloth puppets of “Bal Gopal” (young Krishna). They can draw and colour Krishna’s face, attire, and accessories attaching strings to move the puppets and retelling Krishna’s stories.

Decorative Matki (Pot) Craft

Inspire kids to decorate small, empty milk or yogurt containers to resemble traditional “Matki” pots. They can use paints, coloured paper, and embellishments to create vibrant, eye-catching decorations.

Radha-Krishna Friendship Bracelet

Teach children about the bond between Radha and Krishna and guide them in making friendship bracelets using colourful beads and strings. This activity encourages creativity and imparts the value of love and friendship.

Janmashtami Jigsaw Puzzle

Design a simple Janmashtami-themed jigsaw puzzle using a picture of Lord Krishna or a scene from his life. Children can colour, cut, and assemble the puzzle, enhancing their cognitive skills while learning about Krishna’s stories.

Clay Makhan Chor Krishna

Provide kids with clay or playdough to sculpt their own small Krishna figurines. They can craft Krishna stealing butter (Makhan Chor) or playing the flute. This hands-on activity promotes creativity and imagination.


Engaging children in Janmashtami crafts not only sparks their creativity but also introduces them to this vibrant festival’s cultural and spiritual significance. Kids can learn about Lord Krishna’s stories, teachings, and divine love through these craft ideas, fostering a sense of connection with the festive traditions. As they create these delightful crafts, children can immerse themselves in the joy of celebrating Janmashtami in an educational and entertaining way.

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