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“I consider myself as an intrapreneur as I shoulder the responsibility of the People Practices in Inteliment” – Trupti Pansare, Head- Strategic HR at Inteliment


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“I consider myself as an intrapreneur as I shoulder the responsibility of the People Practices in Inteliment” – Trupti Pansare, Head- Strategic HR at Inteliment

In a densely populated, male-dominated field, whether they are refining the traditional performance reviews, improving gender parity and diversity or re-modelling employee engagement, female HR leaders are making history. These highly-skilled and talented women are breaching the glass ceilings once faced in the upper line of the human management. The jump stands wide; from signing employment contracts to making valuable contributions to the HR Industry. Driven by the wave, the organizations are transforming their routes of managing their workforces and women in C- suite human resources are heading the change. Some women spearheading the transformation are well-known, rest are secretly playing a great role in impacting people and taking organizations to new heights.

One of them is Trupti Pansare, Head- Strategic HR at Inteliment Technologies. A people’s person at heart and at Inteliment, Trupti has shaped up people practice and Strategic HR function of the organization. An MBA graduate from Pune University, Trupti is a home to an extensive experience of 15+ years within corporate HR domain. She also invested few years in education as a professor at Symbiosis, Pune. An agile learner, Trupti commenced her professional voyage at an early stage, while she was studying at Fergusson College and Symbiosis, and was also actively engaged at various youth leadership organizations.  Her professional stint in HR Industry began with India After lending her expertise there, she moved to SNS technologies as an HR Manager where she headed various key roles and assignments. Trupti then moved to Academics & Research and worked with Symbiosis (SIBM& SIMS) before a sabbatical when she became a mother of Aadit (now 12) and Arvin (9). She became an integral part of Inteliment when it was founded in 2004, in her house, as a bootstrap company, by Prashant, her college time friend and then husband. Today, she has made impressive and valuable contributions to Inteliment Technologies’ endeavor and has become an asset to the organization.

To have a fair understating of her extremely successful business voyage, The CEO Magazine interviewed the leading lady of Inteliment Technologies, Trupti Pansare.

Edited Excerpts

Tell us a bit about the inception of Inteliment. How and why did you decide to create it?

Inteliment Group is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and operates its Delivery & IP Centers in Pune, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and Helsinki and takes pride in servicing 100+ global fortune clients across diverse industry domains. Inteliment’s vision was born with an idea… and idea to help people and enterprises to ‘Create a New Value’ from its data assets.  Today, Inteliment is acknowledged as a leading provider of Data-Driven Analytical Solutions & Services in Visual & Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility & Artificial Intelligence areas.

Digital disruption has changed the way business is done, and now data is everywhere. Inteliment helps enterprises become data-driven and leverage on its data assets to create a new value. Whatever is the data type structured or un-structured (Industrial, Textual or Relational) and wherever it’s locked – machines, sensors, mobiles, applications smart products or digital services Inteliment empowers Data Innovation with its solutions, expertise and capabilities. We have been running the show single-mindedly for past 14+ years and our uniqueness prevails from deep technology expertise and innovation led approach to build industry solutions and provide high-quality services with a flexible engagement model.

Who are your clients?

Inteliment takes pride in servicing 100s of fortune clients globally across diverse domains. Some of the prominent customers include – Reliance, Tata Group, Siemens, Otis, ICICI Bank, Birla Group, Volkswagen, HSBC, Maruti, Bajaj, Sulzer, Edelweiss, Viacom 18, Atos, Holcim, Essar.

What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

According to a recently published research, India, today, is witnessing almost a 50% growth in women entrepreneurs which says it all. I believe that the key to success is to nestle a very clear vision about what you want to do and being the best at it. Anything done with passion is bound to be successful.  I personally feel that women are more ambitious and confident and at the same time collaborative & inclusive and have a consultative approach which becomes the key to their professional and business success.

What has made you successful as a professional?

I consider myself as an ‘Intrapreneur’ as I shoulder the responsibility of the people practices in Inteliment. My mother has been the inspiration for me for her ‘work with passion and face challenges head-on’ approach. Mentoring also has played a large role. Once you are open to learning, you are able to see things differently.  Also, while going about doing your business, if it is coupled with empathy, you are building an institution! And that I feel has been the success of Inteliment.

What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success? How do you overcome it?

Inteliment is a first-generation entrepreneurial venture which was started by Prashant in his study room. People often say that when you are a life partner of an entrepreneur, things will come to you on a silver platter. My greatest challenge was to change this perception and prove my merit. And furthermore, if you are responsible for the people practices, it becomes even more daunting. So, I had the additional job of proving myself at my work. But when you are certain that your actions and achievements are your own, and at the end of the day, if you have the right intentions and your associates believe in you, these obstacles don’t matter.

What are the major leadership qualities that helped you grow during the past two decades?

Where there is determination, commitment, integrity, passion, and compassion, you will see growth. Having a collaborative approach and empowering my team has been my mantra throughout the journey. I feel that possessing sound networking skills has also helped me grow as a leader.

What advice would you give young women who want to follow a similar career path as you?

The biggest challenge women face is managing expectations on multiple fronts – family, work, health and society. Find your purpose and chase it with all your heart. Have the determination and you will find ways to overcome challenges. There will be a thousand reasons to give up but only one reason is enough for pursuing your passion. And in the end, the results are rewarding!

What next for the company? What do you see happening in the company industry in 2018-19?

These are exciting times in the industry as well as at Inteliment. Digital disruption is imposing competitive challenges in almost every aspect of business across industries and countries. Automation, digitization, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Bigdata is now part of daily life. Inteliment has always been ahead of curve with its thought leadership and innovation in building futuristic solutions. We have invested to build Inteli-Labs which is engaged with industry-academia eco-system for IP creation, opensource innovation, solution development. In recent years, Inteliment has incubated several product ideas which have metamorphosed in product start-ups. Our short-term target and an important milestone are to double the headcount at every location. We have adopted EFQMs Business Excellence Model since 2012, and this year we are starting GPW certification.

Inteliment has charted out its product globalization plans as Mission 2020 and is aiming at 3X growth for its services and 10X growth for Data Science products business. What’s important is to remain focused, build a team for the next level of growth in the European region and start operations in US.

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