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Empowering Women in Rural Entrepreneurship: Stories of Success


In the heartlands of India, where the rhythm of life echoes the traditions of yore, a silent revolution is taking place. Women’s empowerment in rural entrepreneurship is not just changing lives; it’s transforming entire communities. These success stories exemplify the indomitable spirit of rural women who have shattered stereotypes and risen as beacons of change in their villages. This article chronicles their inspiring journeys, highlighting the impact of their entrepreneurship on both economic and societal fronts.

Championing Economic Empowerment

In the fabric of rural India, women have long been the backbone of households, yet their potential as economic agents remained untapped. Empowering women through entrepreneurship has unlocked a wave of economic growth. Women-led rural businesses are infusing vigour into local economies, generating employment, and stimulating trade. As these ventures flourish, they provide a fresh lease of life to rural landscapes, redefining them as centres of innovation and progress.

Stories of Rural Entrepreneurship Triumphs

Gunavathy Chandrasekaran

Gunavathy Chandrasekaran, a 41-year-old resident of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu, discovered her passion for quilling at an early age. Despite facing a polio attack when she was just two years old, Gunavathy remained determined to achieve her goals. She defied the odds and got married at 16. With unwavering enthusiasm, she taught herself the art of transforming paper scraps into exquisite pieces of art, driven by a desire for financial independence and success.

Her journey gained momentum over time, and today, Gunavathy is an accomplished entrepreneur who sells an array of quilled artwork under the brand name Guna’s Quilling. Her creations include wall art, greeting cards, miniature figurines, jewellery, and more. Her resilience and artistic skills led to recognition on a global scale. In 2015, she was invited by the British Council to share her insights on becoming a successful entrepreneur. Additionally, she is a valued member of the Quilling Guild, a prestigious UK-based association for experts in quilling.


Pabiben, a trailblazing entrepreneur from the Rabari community in Gujarat, has established an enterprise that empowers women artisans through The company specialises in crafting products such as packs, dhurries, files, quilts, cushion covers, and more. Pabiben’s innovation lies in introducing a unique crafting technique, Hari Jari, which involves machine application of ready-made elements. Growing up in the village of Bhadroi, Pabiben stepped into the workforce at a young age to support her widowed mother. Despite facing financial constraints that hindered her formal education, she embraced traditional embroidery, learning from her mother.

Pabiben has generated employment opportunities for over 60 women in her village through her remarkable business venture. Her dedication has made these women strong, educated, and self-reliant. In recognition of her exceptional contributions to entrepreneurship in smaller towns, Pabiben was honoured with the IMC Ladies’ Wing 24th Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar in 2016.

Anita Devi

Anita Devi, affectionately known as the ‘Mushroom Lady of Bihar,’ embarked on a journey in 2010 to cultivate mushrooms for the betterment of her family. Over time, her efforts evolved into establishing the ‘Madhopur Farmer’s Producers Company.’ Despite initial scepticism from her villagers, Anita persevered and ultimately empowered numerous women by teaching them the art of mushroom cultivation. Her collaboration with NGOs and self-help groups (SHGs) has extended this opportunity to women across Bihar.

Anita’s initiatives have transformed her family’s fortune and positively impacted women’s lives in her village and neighbouring towns. Her tenacity and dedication have paved the way for economic and social progress within her community.

Sobita Tamuli

Sobita Tamuli, a 35-year-old resident of Telana village in Assam, is the driving force behind Seuji, an all-women self-help group. Through Seuji, Sobita manufactures and sells organic manure and traditional Assamese japis (hats). Sobita’s distinctive approach involves handling every aspect of her business, from ideation and production to sales, without the intervention of intermediaries.

Her commitment to authenticity and self-reliance has propelled her enterprise forward. Sobita’s efforts reflect a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, showcasing the potential of local resources and women’s capabilities. Through Seuji, she not only contributes to sustainable agriculture but also empowers women to take charge of their financial independence and contribute to their community’s growth.

A Vision of a Transformed Rural India

The success stories in rural entrepreneurship paint a vivid picture of a transformed India. With every rural woman who steps into the world of entrepreneurship, a thread of progress is woven into the fabric of society. These women are not just business owners but agents of change who embody determination, resilience, and hope. Their journeys echo the sentiment that when women thrive, communities flourish.


Women’s empowerment in rural entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of determination and the potential of untapped talents. These success stories are not just anecdotes but blueprints for economic growth, gender equality, and social transformation. As rural women entrepreneurs continue to rise, they illuminate the path for others to follow, carving a future where empowerment knows no boundaries. In the heart of rural India, a quiet revolution is underway—one that holds the promise of an empowered tomorrow for women, families, and communities. These success stories are not just milestones but chapters in a narrative of progress reshaping the landscape of rural entrepreneurship in India.

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