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The India we are living in today is shining with women full of talent who are contributing a decent amount of wealth to make the economy better and spread empowerment on the way.

Recent studies by several global institutes in India have stated that the country would be able to add more than $700 billion approximately in the forthcoming years if women are provided with the same number of opportunities as the opposite sex. Bu the ground reality remains that since the stereotypical prejudice hails, the progress rate has also gotten slow.

 As much as we deny India is still passing through the phase of reform in the way they think and there still is a need for monumental changes in the society. But even in this society where the fight is far more than what it would be for a woman in a different country, there are a few who stand their grounds pretty firm.

Here is a list of women entrepreneurs from the land of diversity who have made an impactful change in the society;

Pabiben Rabari: Pabiben has singlehandedly empowered a massive number of women. Hailing from the Rabari area has started a venture that is an all-women firm that manufactures quilts, cushion covers, rugs, bags, files and more. Her story started young, she was a supporting hand to her widow mother and learned the traditional art of embroidery in her teens. She later became a part of a community in her village and enhanced her skills further, to eventually become independent, strong and skilled. She has created multiple employment opportunities for women in need and helps them stand on their feet.

Godavari Satpute: Hailing from Nari village, Maharashtra, this 38-year-old woman owns a lamp manufacturing business that started in 2009. In the infancy stage of the business, Godavari had to face several hiccups due to the unemployment of her husband. Though she was determined to provide financial support to her family, education was not on her side of the story. But the moment of eureka struck Godavari when she was strolling through the local market and she saw a handmade lamp and realized how she could as well make money out of it. With the support of her husband, she moved ahead and expected a loan from the bank which was denied to her. She looked to the family for support and she got one to have the grounds set for her business to start. Today the company is doing decently well and Godavari makes sure that she provides supports to women financially and helps them become independent. She has awards like ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ in her basket.

Sobita Tamuli: The seller of organic manure, this 35-year-old lady hails from Telana, Assam, India. She also is selling the traditional Japis from Assam. The idea originally came to her in 2002 in her teens but she was married off at an early age. Eventually, she gathered a few women from her village and started to act on her plan and started the business of manufacturing organic manure that had natural elements like banana plant leftovers, leaves, worms, cow dung, etc. She only insists on working with women supports and tries to empower as many as she can. The idea is to skipping the middle man process and doing everything from manufacturing to selling.

Gunavathy Chandrasekaran: This 41-year-old woman is a resident of Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, she found the passion of her life in her early days and dedicatedly started to follow it. She was married off quite early in her life thinking of her s less capable due to the polio attack she survived when she was 2.  She had always been looking for success and freedom from financial dependency; she learned the skill of turning scrap into beautiful pieces of art. Today ‘Guna’s Quilling’ is a massive brand that sells quill art like greetings, cards, jewelry, little figures and more. This woman entrepreneur has held training for more than 2000 artists and conducted workshops. She supports students, homemakers, women, orphans, etc. She has been credited with many awards in her name from the government of Tamil Nadu.

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