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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023


In the dynamic landscape of Indian business, women entrepreneurs have been making remarkable strides, defying norms and carving their path to success. As we delve into 2023, the spotlight shines brightly on these ten exceptional women who are not only rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship but also inspiring countless others to follow suit.

Shweta Salunkhe

Shweta Salunkhe, an esteemed co-founder and the Chief Legal Officer of multiple prosperous enterprises, has gained prominence in Forbes India. Leading the remarkable F&B brand Coffee & More, Shweta Salunkhe has recently unveiled ambitious plans for the brand’s expansion, encompassing over 170 outlets globally. Guided by her astute leadership, the brand has been consistently delivering innovative and captivating concepts, leaving an indelible imprint on the F&B sector. Coffee & More is set to introduce a RuPay prepaid card, facilitating a comprehensive range of banking transactions, both online and offline, spanning the nation and e-commerce platforms.

Shraddha Desai

Shraddha Desai, the visionary Owner and Founder of Ayudhara Agrofoods, has cultivated a collection of exceptional cold-pressed oils, employing traditional techniques and sourcing them from local farmers. Beyond being a business, Ayudhara Agrofoods reflects Shraddha’s fervent passion. Her commitment extends to furnishing customers with premium, wholesome products while concurrently bolstering the rural economy through collaboration with local farmers. Notably, her efforts have translated into creating opportunities for women in production and marketing, signifying her commitment to societal progress. The prestigious Women Iconza Award 2023 aptly celebrates Ms. Desai’s remarkable contributions to the Edible Oil Manufacturing sector.

Dr. Snehalata Girish Borkar

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Dr. Snehalata Girish Borkar emerges as a resilient phoenix and a pioneering entrepreneur. Her accolades encompass recognition as a first-generation trailblazer and a paragon of excellence in 2012. Furthermore, she has garnered the distinguished Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar, Sushma Swaraj Women Icon Award, and Bharatiya Naari Ratna Award in 2022 and 2023, exemplifying her exceptional journey. As the founder of Phoenix-Iron-Lady, a spiritual educator, and the author of “The Incredible Drama She Was Born Into,” Dr. Borkar’s narrative epitomises entrepreneurship, inspiring a multitude through her illustrious accomplishments and her commitment to women’s empowerment.

Dr. Pratima Tupe

Dr. Pratima Tupe stands as a renowned luminary in the domains of skin, hair, and weight loss. With an extensive service history spanning over 25 years, she has orchestrated the prestigious “Dr. Tupe’s Skin Hair Laser Slimming Center” in Mumbai. Her mastery extends to post-graduate diploma courses in cosmetology, trichology, and obesity management from Tulip International, Dadar, rendering her a coveted dermatologist in Mumbai. Distinguished as a premier cosmetologist and hair specialist in the city, Dr. Tupe’s expertise encompasses diverse skin disorders and cosmetic dermatology treatments. Her proficiencies extend to weight loss management, coupled with invaluable nutritional guidance.

Kinzah Syed

Kinzah Syed, an Internationally Certified Cosmetologist & Trichologist, garners acclaim for her outstanding contributions to dermatology. As the visionary behind the esteemed Aesthetic Clinic, K SKIN BAR, located in Mumbai’s Goregaon West, she proudly holds a Doctorate in Dermatology. The clinic has gained a reputation for its celebrity-endorsed skin treatments, featuring painless lasers, chemical peels, and an array of machine facials, including Hydra, Korean, vampire, and BB Glow. Kinzah’s establishment also encompasses permanent makeup and other accessible beauty treatments. Her dedication is evident through her myriad awards and recognitions, solidifying her reputation among clients and peers alike.

Dr. Nehal Anil Bajaj

Dr. Nehal Anil Bajaj embodies versatility, encapsulating multiple talents and a zealous commitment to empowering parents in fostering enriching relationships with their children. With a robust background of over seven years as a preschool entrepreneur and parenting coach, she possesses international certifications in parenting coaching, numerology, NLP expertise, and Law of Attraction practice. Dr. Nehal’s prowess facilitates profound transformations in individuals and families, propelling them toward personal and professional achievements. Her influence transcends parental guidance, extending into early childhood education through successfully managing a Podar Jumbo Kids Plus franchise.

Dr. Arti S Kumbhar

Dr. Arti S Kumbhar emerges as a multidimensional force encompassing Clinical Psychology, Healing, Mind Coaching, and more. She’s the driving force behind Unique Pathway, Vreendavan Kids Pre-School & Day Care, and an Autism Training Center. Juggling her banking career with her passion for counselling and healing, she transitioned into entrepreneurship in 2019, embarking on a journey of empowerment. Dr. Arti’s innovation extends to the creation of “ManoRagini Mind 5 Element, The Power of Creation,” dedicated to spreading the message of unconditional love. Recognised through esteemed awards like the World Humanity & Peace Award’2023 and the Indian Entrepreneurship Award ‘2023, she remains a beacon of transformation.

Kinnari Upadhyay Dubey

Kinnari Upadhyay Dubey is celebrated as a proficient practitioner of Tarot, Angel Board Reading, Mantra Healing, and more. With 12 years of dedicated practice, she operates her astrology office in Mulund. Her journey from Computer Science to astrology was guided by destiny and her Guru’s blessings. Under the tutelage of Shri Avinash Gangeleji, she deepened her astrological understanding. She earned certifications in Medical Astrology from Navyug Jyotish Sanstha (Delhi) and Jyotish Ratnam from Gokul Global University (Gujarat). Her accomplishments encompass participation in Jyotish Sammelans and acknowledgement by Dr. Ajai Bhambhi.

Mrs. Pratima Khandekar

Mrs. Pratima Khandekar embodies versatility, excelling in counselling, therapy, healing, teaching, and analysis. Her altruistic endeavours include successful study skill sessions for municipal school children and counselling assistance for families in rural areas during the pandemic. Leveraging Marma’s therapy, sound and frequency healing, she engenders transformative changes, healing emotional trauma, and facilitating spiritual enhancement without medication. Her association with organisations like IWC, Rotary & WIMA speaks volumes about her community engagement. For over 12 years, she’s provided counselling and career guidance to students and parents alike.

Monica Nadar

Monica Nadar stands as the driving force behind Delightful Creations, a handcrafted art company. Founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo in October 2021, this family enterprise specialises in crafting art that beautifies spaces and engages the senses through captivating aromas. Their premium art products, spanning fragrant candles to resin art pieces, prioritise health-consciousness and quality, employing grade-A soy wax, fragrances, and epoxy. Monica’s unwavering dedication to quality has swiftly propelled Delightful Creations to prominence among art enthusiasts, embodying beauty and excellence in every creation.


These ten trailblazing women are a testament to the boundless potential of female entrepreneurs in India. Their innovations span industries, their visions reshape business paradigms, and their passion inspires generations. As we watch their journeys unfold in 2023, it’s clear that they are not just entrepreneurs to watch – they are leaders to follow.

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