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Podcasting Networks: Women-Owned Platforms Amplifying Stories


In today’s time, Podcasting has become a powerful medium for storytelling, providing a platform for diverse voices and viewpoints. Women-owned podcasting networks have developed recently, providing forums for female creators and marginalised voices to share their experiences.

These platforms amplify underrepresented voices and promote a sense of community and empowerment. In this blog, we will delve into some eminent women-owned podcasting networks and their contributions to the podcasting field. 

Some prominent podcasting platforms that are owned by women and help in amplifying their voices:

  • “She podcasts”

The well-known network “She Podcasts” was established by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar. She Podcasts is a network of female podcasters that provides tools, training, and support to empower women in the podcasting profession. The network contains podcasts produced by women from varied backgrounds covering a wide range of issues, instructional programming, an annual conference, and other features.

  • The “WOC Podcasters”

Danielle Desir developed a platform called “WOC Podcasters” to promote the voices of women of colour in the podcasting community. The network strives to close the representation gap in the podcasting sector and offer WOC creators a welcoming atmosphere. WOC Podcasters provides networking and cooperation possibilities, mentorship programmes, and a list of podcasts hosted by women of colour.

  • The “Loud Speakers Network”

Charlamagne Tha God and Karen Civil together founded  “Loud Speakers Network.” Even if women do not entirely control it, this network deserves praise for its dedication to giving a voice to various viewpoints. The network features creative hosts on podcasts like “The Friend Zone” and “The Read,” who offer fresh perspectives on culture, mental health, and social concerns.

  • “Earios”

“Earios” is an independent podcasting network that emphasises female-centric storytelling. It was founded by Maria Blasucci, Amanda Lund, and other accomplished women. The network creates podcasts, including “The Big Ones,” which humorously explores moral quandaries, and “Filling the Void,” where guests discuss their favourite works of fiction, motion pictures, and music—the emphasis on inclusivity and creative flexibility placed by Earios on its host’s results in various interesting content.

  •  “Indus Vox Media”

Amit Doshi and his wife Archana Doshi launched the podcasting network “Indus Vox Media”. It is noteworthy for producing shows like “Marbles Lost & Found,” hosted by women and discussing mental health and emotional well-being, even though women do not solely control it. The network also offers programming on various subjects, including business, culture, and leisure.

  • The “IVM Podcasts”

An Indian podcasting network called “IVM Podcasts” offers a variety of programmes that are presented and co-hosted by women. The network, which Amit Doshi and Kavita Rajwade started, provides content on various topics, including current events, popular culture, self-help, and more. Television programmes like “The Origin of Things,” “The Empowering Series,” and “Dating is Garbage” give female views and viewpoints a forum.

  •  “Maed by Arpita”

The podcast network “Maed by Arpita” was started by Arpita Ganesh and focused on telling the inspiring tales of Indian women who are entrepreneurs and changemakers. The network airs programmes, including “The Rediscovery Project,” in which Arpita Ganesh conducts in-depth interviews with notable female leaders in their respective industries.


Women-owned podcasting networks have made a notable contribution to the podcasting field by raising the voices of marginalised individuals and promoting a sense of belonging and empowerment. Platforms like She Podcast, WOC Podcasters, Loud Speaker Network, Earios, Indus Vox Media, IVM Podcasts, Maed by Arpita and many others have produced spaces where women can share their stories, experiences and expertise. By supporting and listening to these podcasts, we can enhance the podcasting and promote a more inclusive society. 

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