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Leading Lights: The Top 10 Business Magazines Shaping India’s Landscape


The prominence of business magazines in India is attributed to their blend of high-quality editorial content, design, and advertising. These magazines distinguish themselves through a fusion of insightful guidance from influential business leaders, stories of brand success, and comprehensive coverage of diverse business aspects. Their skilful design elevates their editions into a realm of distinction, aiming to achieve the ultimate goal of prominence.

Within the pages of these leading business magazines, readers can explore a wide array of industries, including Finance, Tax, Law, Accountancy, Technology, BPO, BPM, Property, and People. The following list of the top 10 business magazines in India is arranged alphabetically:

Business India

Founded in 1978 by Ashok Hotchand Advani, Hirro Advani, and Rajkumar Advani, Business India has left a significant mark on the business news landscape. This pioneering magazine, initially published in English, has expanded its influence by providing content in various Indian languages as well.

Business Today (India)

A dominating presence in the industry since its inception in 1992, Business Today has maintained its reputation as the largest circulated business fortnightly. Recognised for its pertinent reports on India’s business landscape, the magazine delves into subjects encompassing business, economy, and society.


Originating in the United States, Entrepreneur Business Magazine has been a revered source of news about entrepreneurship and business since its launch in 1977. With a global footprint, including India, this magazine imparts invaluable insights, advice, profiles, and guidance to both established and aspiring entrepreneurs.


A perennial name in debates over the finest business magazines worldwide, Forbes, headquartered in New Jersey, holds a bi-weekly publication schedule. Covering a range of financial, industry, investing, and marketing topics, Forbes India caters to various sectors, spotlighting startups and corporate giants alike.


With a history dating back to 1929, Fortune Magazine, based in New York City, stands as a venerable American multinational business magazine. It offers a treasure trove of business news, strategy, finance, and corporate insights, rivalling other industry giants like Forbes.

Outlook Business Magazine

Gaining recognition for its insightful coverage, Outlook Business Magazine covers key issues within the business ecosystem, from monetary frameworks and the financial industry to stock finance and funds. Its international acclaim has earned it numerous awards and a widespread readership.

The CEO Magazine

Representing over 3000 CEOs in its recent issues, The CEO Magazine has swiftly risen as a preferred monthly business magazine in India. Its rapid growth is attributed to its dedication to serving business owners and leaders across a variety of sectors, along with in-depth features in luxury, travel, health, technology, and business reviews.

These top business magazines collectively embody a commitment to excellence through their content, design, and influence on the business landscape in India.

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