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Esha Gupta: Bridging Glamour, Talent, and Social Consciousness in Bollywood


Esha Gupta, born on November 28, 1985, has emerged as a revered figure in Indian cinema and modelling, with a notable net worth estimated at $8 million. From her initial steps in pageantry to gracing the silver screen, Gupta’s story is a testament to her multifaceted persona, blending glamour, talent, and a deep-rooted commitment to social causes. Let’s explore the diverse facets of Esha Gupta’s life and career, which have left a lasting impact on the Indian entertainment landscape.

Early Years and Academic Pursuits

Hailing from New Delhi, India, Esha Gupta grew up in a household where her father served in the Air Force and her mother tended to the home. Her academic journey led her to graduate in Mass Communication from Manipal University, Manipal, after spending her formative years in cities like Dehradun, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Pageantry and Modeling Ventures

Gupta’s journey under the spotlight began with her participation in the Femina Miss India contest in 2007, where she clinched the titles of Miss Photogenic and the third position, earning her the opportunity to represent India in the Miss International pageant. Her striking presence later graced the pages of the renowned Kingfisher Calendar in 2010. Transitioning from modelling to Bollywood was the next logical step for Gupta.

Debut in Bollywood and Early Career Highlights (2012-2017)

Esha Gupta’s entry into Bollywood was marked by her debut role in Mahesh Bhatt’s “Jannat 2” (2012), where her performance alongside Emraan Hashmi garnered critical acclaim. The success of the film propelled her into the limelight, establishing her position in the industry. Subsequent projects like “Raaz 3D,” “Chakravyuh,” and “Rustom” showcased her versatility and ability to tackle diverse roles.

Despite facing mixed reviews for films like “Humshakals” (2014), Gupta remained resilient, embracing challenging characters such as the high-society woman in “Rustom” (2016). Her dedication to her craft led to a continual evolution in her filmography.

Continued Career Growth and Diversification (2018-Present)

Gupta’s cinematic journey continued with projects like “Paltan” (2018) and her debut on television as a judge on “High Fever — Dance Ka Naya Tevar.” Expanding her horizons, she made cameo appearances in successful films like “Total Dhamaal” (2019). Gupta further ventured into web series with projects like “RejctX,” “Nakaab,” and “Aashram,” showcasing her adaptability across different platforms.

Her upcoming projects, including “Desi Magic,” “Hera Pheri 3,” and “File No. 323,” highlight Gupta’s commitment to exploring diverse roles and narratives.

Advocacy and Charity Work

Beyond her work in entertainment, Esha Gupta actively engages in social causes, participating in initiatives such as beach cleanups and campaigns for forest and mangrove conservation. Her involvement with Surman Sansthan reflects her dedication to promoting education and empowerment for girls.

Brand Associations and Influence

As a model and actress, Gupta has collaborated with various brands, leveraging her captivating appearance and fashion-forward image. Recent endorsements like Khelraja underscore her influence in both the fashion and gaming industries.

Personal Life and Public Persona

Gupta’s personal life includes a relationship with Manuel Campos Guallar based in Spain, and her vegan lifestyle aligns with her advocacy for animal welfare. Recognised as one of the “50 Most Desirable Women” by Times, her partnerships with brands like Hazoorilal Legacy and Khelraja amplify her influence beyond the silver screen.

In summary, Esha Gupta’s journey epitomises dedication, versatility, and a commitment to making a positive impact, ensuring her enduring legacy in the Indian entertainment industry and beyond.

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