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Divya Jain’s Transformative Impact on Education and Empowerment


In a country abundant with youthful potential, the challenge of preparing its vast youth population for a rapidly evolving job market looms large. For over a decade, Divya Jain, a dedicated social entrepreneur, has been at the forefront of addressing this pressing issue and empowering the unemployable youth of India.

A Journey of Purpose and Impact

Divya Jain’s remarkable journey epitomises her unwavering commitment to social change. With a vision to bridge the widening skills gap among Indian youth, she co-founded Seekho, an innovative ed-tech startup, in 2020. Backed by initial funding from Sequoia’s surge fund, Seekho leverages artificial intelligence to offer upskilling opportunities, effectively aligning job-seekers with career paths tailored to their strengths.

Revolutionising Education with AI

Seekho stands out as an AI-driven, video-centric upskilling platform, empowering individuals to tackle real-world job challenges with confidence. Beyond skill enhancement, the platform actively facilitates connections to job opportunities, internships, and corporate projects, thereby bridging the gap between skill sets and the dynamic job market.

Innovative Education: Container Skill Schools

Divya Jain’s visionary approach gave rise to a groundbreaking concept – mobile container skill schools, the first of their kind in India. These mobile units have revolutionised skills development by bringing education to even the remotest corners of the country. This ambitious initiative significantly addresses the shortage of skilled professionals, particularly in the logistics sector.

Transforming Lives through Safeducate and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

As the CEO and founder of Safeducate, Divya Jain has orchestrated a transformative journey, securing government contracts exceeding $30 million. Safeducate’s role in skill development is pivotal, with ongoing projects focused on upskilling India’s workforce and creating a lasting impact.

Divya Jain’s commitment to empowerment extends beyond education. Serving as the Chairperson of YFLO Delhi (Young FICCI Ladies Organization) for 2023-24, she plays a vital role in fostering a supportive ecosystem for young women entrepreneurs and professionals, enabling their growth and success.

A Multifaceted Leader

Divya Jain’s influence extends into the corporate world as the Director of Safexpress, India’s largest logistics and supply chain provider. Her expertise guides this critical industry, ensuring seamless supply chain solutions for the nation.

In addition to her leadership roles, Divya Jain shares her insights as an accomplished author. Her book, ‘Horn Please,’ offers a captivating photo essay exploring the lives of truck drivers in India, shedding light on an often-overlooked segment of society.

Awards and Recognition

Divya Jain’s exceptional contributions have earned her widespread acclaim, including recognition among BW’s 40 under 40 entrepreneurs and inclusion in India Today’s list of 50 most powerful change-makers under 50.

Conclusion: A Champion of Transformation

Divya Jain’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for India’s burgeoning youth. Her tireless efforts in education, skilling, and empowerment, coupled with her diverse contributions, exemplify a deep-seated commitment to driving meaningful change. Her innovative initiatives and visionary leadership underscore the transformative potential of education and empowerment in shaping a brighter future for India’s youth.

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