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Determination can conquer every grueling task, a firm belief by Sangita Singh, founder of GS Job Point


Determination can conquer every grueling task, a firm belief by Sangita Singh, founder of GS Job Point

Empowerment helps women acknowledge their own status in the society, their existence and rights. Women’s existing social and economic status stirs the entire category to become more empowered personally and economically through business ownership. Women entrepreneurship development is thus, an instrument of women empowerment. When people are asked to name a few successful entrepreneurs, I believe a clear majority would imagine men at the top. It’s not like women success stories do not exist, the matter of fact remains that they are considerably fewer in numbers as compared to their male counterparts. Although the size gap is narrowing between men and women-owned businesses, at the current pace it will take many decades for that gap to close. With the numbers around women participation in the Indian economy, The CEO Magazine is privileged to meet diverse female entrepreneurs from various sectors on a regular basis and look ahead at encouraging parity where women enjoy the same support as men do to pursue their calling.  To speed things up, I believe we need to dramatically transform women’s concepts of the future, of their business enterprises to place them into a place where they have the vision and the confidence to catapult their businesses to a whole new level. Women-owned businesses truly are a vehicle for change for they are reaching new corners of the market by fostering new opportunities.

In the era where unemployment has been a constant factor, it becomes imperative that we increase more promising jobs to the skilled personalities in order to ensure their participation in the country’s economically valuable pursuit. In the most recent decade, with the burgeoning demand for HR Recruitment and Consulting service, numerous firms have been gearing up every year in this arena but only a few are capable to taste the ingredients of success. In the world full of challenges, Sangita Singh, a pre-career advisor is one among few who has emerged as a successful talent provider. With a vision of making a significant contribution to the nation’s overall growth by expanding the pool of human resource and talents present in our country, she has been brilliant in hiring appropriate candidates for multiple profiles. Her personal job seeking experience during college days prompted her to provide the services to the candidates absolutely free of cost. Her ceaseless quench and inclination towards shaping an individual identity of her own boost her to the quit job and walk an extra mile to establish GS Job Point.  

Specialized in Headhunting, campus placement, Training and Development, GS Job Point is one of India’s fastest growing Hr Consultant and Manpower Recruitment firm offering services which include screening, calling, short-listing and arranging aptitude tests of candidates for the companies. Started in Lucknow, the organization stands as an eminent human resource Company by extending its services in PAN India with its principal focus on increasing client’s ROI through minimal charges possible.

With proven track record, her firm is seen to be evolving over years in its standards of quality and service. Driven by a mission to place the right candidate in the right place at a right time to maintain the consistency in quality deliverance, Sangita’s domain expertise has empowered her with the ability to identify talented people with requisite skills required for specific profiles. As Sangita reflects, “We have a penchant for sourcing the right candidate to our clients understanding their needs to meet the expectation in the market. Due to our promptness, we have been gaining immense trust and clients who have been taking our service quite consistently are an exemplification to this. We invest all our efforts in covering maximum interviews on a single working day. Keeping in mind customers’ comfort level, we provide unique services to them while staying strongly competitive”.

The CEO Magazine, in conversation with Sangita Singh, Founder of GS Job Point:

What is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Unexpected views and opinions have taken the form of my biggest achievement. I have had a strong inclination towards writing, the reason why I keep publishing blogs and I have also published a book under the title “How to start an HR Consultant Company” which has been purchased by more than 500 buyers through Amazon. For this very reason, I keep receiving numerous unknown calls and messages seeking for my guidance on how to build a start-up with new and innovative ideas. It feels wonderful to hear people taking interest in my journey of becoming an entrepreneur and considering me as their role model. I could have asked for nothing better in life. Whenever I look back, I feel immensely contented to see myself reach where I am standing today.

Please tell us about your future plans.

We are paving way for training campaign and striving to be pro-active in online and offline both campus placement.

Whom would you like to attribute your success to?

I would, undoubtedly, attribute my success to my family, especially my brother who has been the constant pillar of my success. During the fledgling period of my firm, I was about to lose all hopes but they are the ones who stood firmly with support and motivation besides me.

Do you think your personal life is affected by your professional life? How?

Discontentment in one’s personal life can surely leave some impact on the professional. Being a woman, you need to bear a lot of responsibilities so much that at times governing both the fronts become backbreaker. But, I hold tight the belief that persistent determination can never prevent one to reach the path of success.

What do you think is the biggest challenge to female leadership?

Balancing personal and professional configure to be the biggest challenge for women. Both men and women face challenges in setting up their own businesses, but for women, the barriers seem often harder to overcome. Unlike men, women mostly get affected by traditional and internal factors. In a society full of rigid views of traditionally dominant roles of male and female, frequently reinforced by cultural and religious beliefs, breaking the barriers to seek an individualistic approach becomes worthwhile.

An MBA graduate of the Apeejay School of Management, Sangita’s journey from a job seeker to a job provider is absolutely thought-provoking. Her indomitable spirit and optimism have set an example by taking the plunge and deciding to follow an entrepreneur journey with a humanitarian motive.  With prior experience as an HR Consultant in a Multi-national Company, she has been addressing an enormous shift in trend while running her own HR consultant company for about a decade. Her relentless zeal to deliver quality result adding a pinch of personal touch is awe-inspiring.

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