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“Gratitude, honesty and discipline are at my core.” – Dr AafreenSoudagar

Women represent an overwhelming majority of the healthcare workforce, yet they are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions, particularly at the executive and board levels. However, women are uniquely positioned to leverage traits such as compassion, transparency, and the ability to foster teamwork to lead organizations into the next phase of contemporary healthcare delivery.

 In the future, the pace with which women gain access to the C-suite will accelerate as organizations embrace diversity and select the best-qualified leaders in terms of both experience and leadership style that supports organizational culture. While the future for female in healthcare leadership looks bright, many women are currently struggling to reach the executive office, facing glass ceilings, competing priorities due to lack of support and guidance. Well, there is a “wonder woman” at the leadership position of Kalsekar Hospital, Dr AafreenSoudagar from whom other women can take inspiration and overcome hurdles obstructing their goals.

The leading lady,Dr AafreenSoudagarholds over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is ambitious, principled and she likes to keep things under control at personal as well as professional life. As a CEO of Kalsekar Hospital, she is always open to new ideas and experiments. Dr Aafreen believes in putting best foot forward and driving the team towards organizational goals. Kalsekar Hospital has been flourishing under her leadership as she sets ambitious targets for herself as well as the organization and thrives to achieve them with the help of her team.


Kalsekar Hospital was established with a vision of serving people and hence patients are treated with a non-commercial approach. Compassion and care are at the heart of each kalsekar Hospital staff while providing treatment. They are the only hospital in Thane-Mumbra suburb that offers complete healthcare facilities under one roof. Not only all the facility, but their infrastructure is also of international quality standards. Care provided by experienced and qualified team along with well-trained nursing staff and qualified resident doctors makes Kalsekar Hospital a unique delightful experience for patients.


The climb to the top can be tough going for anyone. But as women, particular hurdles can make the journey upward toward positions of power and influence challenges. But Dr AafreenSoudagar was quite lucky as she comes from a very humble family of educators where her father was a professor and her mother was a school principal. They taught her the importance of gratitude and the ultimate achievement in life is being at peace with oneself. They encouraged her at every step of her journey, and she believes that whatever she hasachieved till today is only because of her parent’s blessings and efforts.

Being a leader at any organization means you need to take tough decisions daily. There might be a time when you are emotional, but the situation demands you to be tough from outside.

Dr AafreenSoudagar further added that “My perspective towards tough decisions is, if you need to be relatively harsh sometimes for organizations benefit and the greater good, it’s imperative to do so.”


Every individual present on this planet is a potential client for the healthcare industry and serving humanity by providing care with cure is the moto of Kalsekar Hospital. Being charitable hospital gratitude towards patients and service to needy is their priority. Kalsekar Hospital was founded with a vision to serve the needs of the community, and Dr AafreenSoudagar looks forward to continuing that tradition as it’s her goal to enhance the trust and confidence of the patients they serve.

They are committed to quality as an integral part of their total operations to achieve clinical excellence and patient satisfaction and safety by continually improving their capability to identify, develop and provide services that are valued by patients and result in good clinical outcomes. Their vision and mission are to be respected for excellence in patient care & become most trusted hospital for personalized coordinated care and to improve the health and healing of the people and communities they serve.


Dr AafreenSoudagar is a proud CEO as her team is equally enthusiastic and supportive at every step of giving care to the patients. Starting from housekeeping staff to team of specialist doctors everyone has a major role in creating the caring environment. Every member at Kalsekar Hospital is like a marathon runner as everyone is contributing their part and at the same time, they are also keeping the process in motion.

“Without my team, I can’t function even for a day.” – Dr AafreenSoudagar


Awards earned by Kalsekar Hospital

  • Awarded as best hospital in cleanliness from Thane Municipal Corporation in Thane zone
  • Recognised for healthcare leadership award by ABP news on 20th November 2019
  • Certified as NABH Pre Entry Level Appreciated Hospital as on 27th July 2019
  • Special appreciation to A.E. Kalsekar Hospital for Contribution in Mega Medical Camp at Khed
  • RNTCP appreciation to Kalsekar Education Institute
  • Bhiwandi Electrical consumer and welfare association- Glitter award
  • Raigad District Muslim welfare organization award

Awards earned by AafreenSoudagar

  • 101 Most Fabulous Global Healthcare Leaders – AafreenSoudagar
  • Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane Public Health Department – AafreenSoudagar
  • Medical camp Masure award – AafreenSoudagar
  • DSF Excellence Award – AafreenSoudagar 


Women are often subject to preconceived notions that they are less capable of being a strategic leader, preventing many from ascending to top leadership positions in health care. Keeping these biases in mind and being strategic can help women transcend this obstacle and achieve their career goals.The scene towards Indian working women and especially successful women is changing quickly. Society has gradually accepted that not only men, women can also lead from the front. Majority of parent’s even less-educated ones are supporting their daughter’s dream. Stereotypical male affinity in specific sectors and women subordination is thinning day by day.

“I feel it’s a wonderful time for any girl to step up and achieve what she desires.” Quoted Dr AafreenSoudagar

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