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Teacher’s Day: Interactive Quiz Ideas to Celebrate India’s Educators


As Teacher’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the educators who tirelessly impart knowledge and shape the minds of future generations. While heartfelt messages and gifts are cherished, why not add an element of fun and engagement? Interactive quizzes are a creative way to celebrate Teacher’s Day, allowing students to showcase their appreciation while having a blast. Here are some exciting quiz ideas that honour the spirit of Teacher’s Day.

Teacher Trivia Quiz

Craft a quiz that tests students’ knowledge about their teachers. Create questions about teachers’ hobbies, favourite books, and memorable classroom moments. This not only entertains but also showcases the special bond between students and teachers.

Guess the Quote Quiz

Compile a quiz featuring quotes from famous educators, both Indian and international. Challenge participants to match the quote with the right teacher. This activity not only educates but also sparks thoughtful discussions.

Subject Superheroes Quiz

Celebrate the diverse subjects by turning them into superheroes. Create questions about various subjects and the teachers who excel in them. This quiz highlights the dedication of teachers to their respective fields.

Name that Teacher Picture Quiz

Display childhood photos of teachers and challenge students to guess who’s who. This lighthearted quiz adds a personal touch, bringing smiles and nostalgia to the celebration.

Educational Emoji Quiz

Craft questions about famous books, historical figures, and scientific concepts using emojis. Participants must decode the emojis to answer correctly. This interactive twist adds a playful dimension to the quiz.

Teacher’s Day History Quiz

Educate students about the history and significance of Teacher’s Day in India. Include questions about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and the origins of the celebration.

Virtual Classroom Chronicles Quiz

Create a quiz that recalls memorable virtual classroom moments from the past year. This light-hearted quiz acknowledges the shift to online learning while reminiscing about shared experiences.

Musical Memories Quiz

Incorporate music into the celebration by creating a quiz featuring songs related to teachers, education, and inspiration. Participants must identify the song title and its connection to teaching.

Literary Legends Quiz

Highlight the literary contributions of teachers by creating a quiz about famous authors who were also educators. Participants can learn about these dual talents and their impact on literature.

Teacher’s Day Around the World Quiz

Broaden perspectives by quizzing students about how Teacher’s Day is celebrated in different countries. This interactive activity encourages global awareness and cultural appreciation.


Teacher’s Day in India is a time to express gratitude, admiration, and respect for educators who shape the nation’s future. Interactive quizzes add an element of joy and engagement to the celebration, reflecting the dynamic and innovative nature of teaching today. As students and teachers come together to celebrate this special day, these quiz ideas serve as a unique way to honour the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of India’s educators.

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