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Mehar Bhagat: An inspiration for budding multi skilled entrepreneurs


Mehar Bhagat: An inspiration for budding multi skilled entrepreneurs

This is an undeniable fact that India, today, is a fertile ground for budding entrepreneurs. There are unchartered territories in several domains of every industry. And, it is noteworthy that successful women entrepreneurs of modern India have been utilizing this opportunity not only to build their career but also to build our nation. Their urge to do something new motivates them to edge past all barriers and empowers them to build their status from scratch. They are exhibiting their powerful impact on every profession and industry. They have been designated as the new engines for growth and prosperity of our nation. Being educated and dynamic, these women entrepreneurs are fulfilling the demands of developing industrial landscape with their effective leadership skills. Mehar Bhagat, acorporate trainer, NLP practitioner, motivational speaker, andan HR Expert is also a Serial Entrepreneur, who has employed her rich experience and expertise in practicing the various facets of HR Consulting services has positioned hername in the list of such women and sets a glowing example for budding multi skilled women entrepreneurs.

Mehar belongs to the breed of smart entrepreneurs who know how to unlock potentialin business areas that were largely untapped. She has spearheaded VzoomIn and Standout, her two startups. While VzoomIn targets the demands of human resources and training solutions, Standout, a leadership effectiveness platform, is dedicated to the assessment of leadership skills of an individual and aid him in perfecting his skills.

Mehar comes from a family, which believed in radical values and helped her to look at world differently. Her family allowed her to pursue her dreams the way she wanted. Speaking about her family, Mehar says, “I was clearly taught in my family that working is for experience and to grow your expertise and education is simply for knowledge to sustain ones expertise. I have close people who have inspired me to shape my ideals and those ideals have motivated me to serve the world with my knowledge and skills.” She decided to build her career in core training & development and HR Industry.

Mehar always wanted to be a different kind of a teacher while she was a kid. As she puts it, “I always told myself that I’m going to be a different kind of teacher when I grow up; I will be very friendly and I will attempt to change the way things are. While I started my career as a trainer, I observed the challenges and worked on how to provide more organized yet simplified global solution.” Her entrepreneurial dream has always been to create global solutions that result in efficacy and productivity. In her own words, she describes herself as, “Instead of wondering about local problem,I’m a person who believe in finding global solution; more clearly I’m a fix it person!” Mehar started her first journey of entrepreneurship in 2007. She acquired a tech company and reformed it into HR & Training Consulting Company, VzoomIn.As the years passed by, her passion and creativity urged her to use her rich expertise and build more people solution brands like Standout, Chick Who Digs, Entrepreneur Global Desk (EGD),and Womees.But, she remained connected with training industry; and even today she is serving people as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer’s Coach.

Speaking about her greatest professional accomplishment, Mehar says, “VzoomIn will always be my baby company, which today is grown up and is taking care of itself I just do quality check to make sure it sustains well and keeps itself competitive in the industry. However, my true accomplishment comes from Standout because I have been able to be more creative in creating concept and strategy in building it; and provide much more effective and efficient performancebased solution within HR and Education industry to all our clients.”

When Mehar stepped into the world with VzoomIn and conducted trainings for her clients, she realized people, specially, from small to medium size industries have a lack of interest in training industry.Most clients were not aware of the significance of training & development programs in enhancing overall productivity and efficiency of their business. Furthermore, people set these programs to the lowest priority owing to their unaffordable budget.On being asked about the initiatives she took to solve the problem, she says, “My focus was to create cost effective and powerful training programs that would enable the companies to grow and their employees to perform more diligently. Any strategy is good and effective when the results can be measured in numbers.”

For now, Mehar is focusing on expansion of the companies’ projects and their networking. She has grand plans for her companies,Womees  and Entrepreneur Global Desk. Womees is a special network for women coming together from various industries to empower peers and provide support in local groupsat regional level.Entrepreneur Global Desk Society is dedicated to organize and manage grand scale startup community, events and conferences in New Delhiyet expanding worldwide inviting startups, investors and government personals across the globe to provide and build a strong network platform for entrepreneurial exchange.

The CEO magazine chats with Mehar Bhagat

TCM: How do you define success? What is your take on the ways to achieve long term success?
Mehar Bhagat: 
For some success is completing a task and for some it is getting a billion dollar deal signed, trust me when I say the only difference is in the excitement level of success, else it is simply SUCCESS!
There is no one way or perfect way to achieve success. To achieve success, the following three things that have always worked for me are setting measurable goals; keep the focus at the goal at the time and keep yourself organized to sustain the productivity and go beyond the goal.

TCM: Whom do you attribute your success to?

Mehar Bhagat: I believe in sharing success rather consuming it as depression tablet. Everyone I know has played some role in it – my family, my loved ones and close friends, all my colleagues and peers. All these amazing people have taught me something valuable and contributed to my achievements.

TCM: What do you think is the biggest challenge to female leadership?

Mehar Bhagat: I haven’t myself encountered so far challenges like gender bias and ego clashes. But, I have seen my peers facing these challenges.One of the major challenges that I often see is less respect towards women workmanship. Our society creates a lot of barriers for a woman to grow as a leader. I strongly believe that a transformation in the way we perceive woman leadership in our society is quintessential to eradicate all other challenges faced by women. I also believe that change begins at home. Don’t just groom young girls to be a good daughter, a great wife or mother; also groom them to have an individualistic approach and motivate them to follow their dreams.

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