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Indian Government Projects Under the Modi Administration: A Comprehensive Overview


Indian government projects, often termed government programmes, are strategic endeavours executed to attain specific objectives over an extended period. The Modi government has championed several transformative projects to address citizen-centric issues and propel national growth. This article delves into the significant projects initiated by the Modi government, shedding light on their purpose, impact, and ways to access relevant information.

Government Endeavors for National Progress

The Modi government has launched a series of visionary projects to uplift various sectors and drive India’s development. Here are some of the noteworthy initiatives:

Sagarmala Project

Initiated by the Ministry of Shipping, the Sagarmala Project focuses on fostering port-led development and efficient transport of goods to and from ports. With an estimated cost of Rs 12,00,000 crore, the project exploits India’s expansive coastline and navigable waterways to create world-class ports, boosting international trade.

Amravati – The Future-Forward Capital

Amravati, envisioned as a smart city and the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, marks a pivotal project in India’s urbanisation journey. Spanning 217 square kilometres, this planned city is designed for sustainability and innovation, incorporating unique features such as navigation canals and river island connectivity.

Bharatmala Project

The Bharatmala Project, a Rs 14,000 crore initiative, aims to connect India’s western and eastern borders, enhancing road networks across the country. This extensive 5000-km road project, scheduled for completion in 5 years, envisions a seamless road network symbolising unity and connectivity.

Transforming Inland Waterways

The Modi government invests in developing inland waterways, including iconic rivers like the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Mahanadi. With approximately Rs 4,000 crore dedicated to Ganga’s waterway infrastructure, this endeavour is set to revolutionise transportation and trade along India’s water routes.

Chardham-Highway Project

The Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Pariyojna, a prestigious initiative, seeks to improve connectivity to the revered Char Dham pilgrimage centres in the Himalayas. The project, covering 900 km of national highways in Uttarakhand, emphasises enhanced access to spiritual landmarks.

Setting Records: The World’s Highest Bridge

As a testament to engineering marvel, the Modi government is constructing the world’s tallest rail bridge over the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir. At a staggering 359 meters above the river, this Rs 1198 crore project showcases India’s prowess in overcoming geographical challenges.

Accessing Government Projects Information

To explore further details about government schemes in India, the National Portal of India is a valuable resource. By entering the name of a specific scheme, individuals can access information about its objectives, application procedures, and more.

Upcoming Delhi Schemes

Apart from central government initiatives, state governments, including Delhi, have rolled out numerous schemes aimed at citizens’ welfare. The Online Portal of the Government of Delhi serves as a repository for information regarding upcoming projects and schemes in the state.


The Modi government’s visionary projects exemplify its commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and inclusivity. By tackling critical issues and embarking on ambitious initiatives, the government is shaping a brighter future for India. Citizens are encouraged to engage with these projects, leveraging the available resources to participate in the nation’s transformative journey.

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