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Fit and Fabulous: Women-Owned Fitness and Wellness Studios


The proportion of women-owned firms has significantly increased in recent years across a range of industries. Women entrepreneurs have made their mark in the fitness and wellness industry by developing distinctive and empowering environments where people can reach their fitness and health objectives. To promote a healthy and active lifestyle, this blog post explores some inspiring instances of women-owned fitness and wellness studios from India and other countries.

Some examples of successful women-owned fitness and wellness studios that motivate and inspire others are mentioned below:

  • F45 Training

 F45 Training, a high-intensity group fitness facility founded by Pooja Dhingra, blends functional training, circuit training, and cutting-edge technology. F45 Training offers a friendly atmosphere for people to increase their strength, endurance, and general fitness, focusing on teamwork and community.

  • Zela

Zela is a cutting-edge fitness centre that provides a variety of workout alternatives, including functional training, yoga, and spinning. It was developed by fitness freak Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Zela seeks to offer comprehensive wellness solutions by combining cutting-edge fitness methods and professional advice.

  • The Class 

Movement, mindfulness, and cathartic release are all incorporated into Taryn Toomey’s fitness centre, The Class. The Class seeks to give its members a transforming experience through a mix of intense workouts, breathwork, and emotional release methods. The Class has a devoted following because of its focus on mental health and inner strength.

  •  Tracy Anderson Method

Fitness guru Tracy Anderson founded her class with a unique workout approach that specifically and effectively targets the muscles of each individual. The Tracy Anderson Method blends dance cardio, strength training, and body sculpting exercises to assist students in developing long, lean muscles through a complete body transformation.

  • Physique 57 

The barre-based workout centre Physique 57, was established by Tanya Becker and Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi. It has sites both domestically and abroad. The gym provides energising, low-impact workouts incorporating strength training, Pilates, and ballet to sculpt and tone the body.

These female-owned fitness and wellness studios are just a small sample of the inspiring and varied venues women entrepreneurs in the field have created. Their passion and dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle have significantly impacted the fitness community, inspiring individuals worldwide to prioritise their health and wellbeing.


The expansion of female-owned fitness and wellness studios is evidence of the strength of female entrepreneurship and the transformative nature of these venues. From India to Global destinations, women entrepreneurs have created a welcoming and motivating environment for individuals to pursue their fitness and well-being goals.

These women-owned studios incorporate the value of community, empowerment, and holistic wellness. They offer a venue for people of diverse backgrounds and fitness levels to interact, encourage one another, and achieve their goals.

These studios have reshaped the fitness industry by providing innovative training techniques, expert guidance, and a learning atmosphere. Additionally, these female business owners have stressed the value of mental and emotional health and physical fitness.

Because they understand that true fitness goes beyond physical strength, their studios frequently incorporate mindfulness exercises, stress management strategies, and a holistic approach to wellness. 

As women continue to lead the way in the fitness industry, their passion and hard work inspire others to prioritise self-care, welcome an active lifestyle, and strive for overall wellness. These women-owned fitness and wellness studios serve as the light of inspiration, encouraging people worldwide to begin their fitness journey and live healthy and fantastic lives.

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