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Confident, Successful and an entrepreneur at heart, Priya Marwah has always found motivation in failures


Confident, Successful and an entrepreneur at heart, Priya Marwah has always found motivation in failures

The new age women across the world have been proving their capabilities while overcoming all the challenges whether social or economical that obstruct them to grow. Their avid spirit, unyielding verve, and never-endingthirst for success pillar them to walk the extra mile and reach the pinnacle of success. Having enormous fire within, they have busted all myths about their inborn limitations and shown that they have the power to shape and rule the world. India is also a pool of such confident and talented women who have built themselves from scratch and made a mark for themselves in the landscape of entrepreneurship. One of them is Priya Marwah, who has emerged as a talent provider to a wide a range of organizations in India with a vision of making significant contribution to the industry as well as country’s growth.

Priya Marwah is the Founder & Managing Director of Tyche Jobs, a search firm focused on critical, leadership and niche hiring. Under Priya’s supervision, the firm assists its clients in bringing domain expertise, faster turnaround, quality and competitive pricing. It does hiring for senior leadership, senior management, as well as individual contributor positions across the organization and has valuable expertise in target list development, candidate sourcing organizational structuring& consulting.

Priya has a rich expertise in providing talents to broad range of industries such as consumer, pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, real estate and power and engineering sectors.She possesses more than two decades of vast industry and executive search experience. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Priya had a chance to work with leading organizations including, Business India, Indian Express, ABC Consultants and Stanton Chase and more.

Having earned her Post Graduation in Business Management, Priya decided to step her feet in the media industry.Later, she gained experience in Telecom sector before finally entering into executive search industry. Born to an affluent family in Lucknow, Priya was taught to follow her dreams under the guidance of her father, who was an entrepreneur himself. Her parents always inspired her to take initiatives and supported her in the best possible way to execute them.

Priya always felt that she had capability of doing great things in life and wanted to make a difference.She always believed that nothing is impossible with determination and hard work. Her vast experience in the industry motivated her to address the most critical talent gaps in the industry and she created Tyche Jobs. She decided that her success would be based on dealing with the pain points of the clients. She did a lot of groundwork before setting up Tyche Jobs. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Priya says, “I spoke to number of clients to get an in depth understanding of what their day to day challenges in hiring talent were.Then I sat down and worked on how we could facilitate them in overcoming these challenges and work as true partner and extensions to them. We focused on building long term relationships and partnerships.” Priya’s ultimate goal is to establish Tyche Jobs as a trusted name in the global market to deliver value to her clients.

Priya considers creating Tyche Jobs as the best decision of her life. It gave her the opportunity to put her abilities to test; and provided her the freedom to experience the independent journey of entrepreneurship while realizing her dreams. It is noteworthy that Priya doesn’t believe in failure and her motivation to put her best efforts have come through failures. Failures always pushed her to try harder. As she puts it, “There is no word in my dictionary called failure, I decided that a long time back, when I discovered that failure, like success many times is a state of mind and there is no finite success or failure as long as you are alive. Life is a chain of events in time and everyone goes through their ups and downs.” Success has come her way and she has celebrated it for a while but she never let it affect her hard work. She gives her best to live up to her commitments and stands up for the right thing.

The CEO Magazine in conversation with Priya Marwah, Founder & Managing Director of Tyche Jobs

TCM: What was your dream as a Business Lady?

Priya: Business is the ultimate test of anyone’s capabilities of being successful because it actually drives you to prove your mettle in the world where success has no gender. My dream has always been to be the best at what I do and my real earnings are the people who believe I can do that. I would like to build Tyche Jobs Executive Search Consultants to be a preferred provider of talent, especially in the diversity hiring space. Also, I want to take Tyche Jobs to global markets.

TCM: What is your greatest professional accomplishment till date?

Priya: My greatest professional accomplishment is creating Tyche Jobs out of nothing. The word ‘Tyche’ comes from Greek mythology and means luck and fortune. True to its name, the company has showered luck and fortune to us and I think that has been my greatest accomplishment.

TCM: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Priya: My greatest inspiration has been my father, who stood like a solid rock behind us and always told us to follow our dreams and do what we actually wanted to do in life. He was always there to catch us lest we should fall. I think I have his winning attitude.

TCM: What do you think is the biggest challenge to female leadership?

Priya:The biggest challenge to female leadership is working in a male-dominated corporate world  and being taken seriously. Somewhere down the line, we are still fighting the odds and can be written off. It’s difficult for some people to understand that women don’t need certificates to show that they can be as successful as men even while managing a family well. We have to prove ourselves at every step of the way to success, specially women like me, who have really started from ground zero.

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